Soma 1000BC - Off Grid Wind Turbine - 1000 Watt

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Soma 1000BC - Off-Grid Wind Turbine

Output range: 24, 32, 36, 48, 110 or 120 volt DC
Remember to select correct voltage when ordering!

This wind turbine is a battery charging wind generator to supply power for light duty electrical requirements in remote areas. It is designed to be the main source of power to the energy efficient home covering such loads as lighting, radio, television, water pump, washing machine, kitchen blenders, power tools and refrigeration. The maintenance free features of the Soma 1000 also make it an ideal source of power to telecommunications and scientific equipment located in inaccessible areas.

Soma wind generators have been designed to be used either as a complementary power supply in conjunction with one or more solar panels; or in particularly windy areas, as a stand-alone power supply system.

The Soma 1000BC comes with: blade, tail pipe, tail fin, power head, nose cone, propeller bolts and controller.

The controller should be located near the batteries which can be to 1500 metres away from the wind generator depending on system voltage and cable size (see manual for more details). The controller is a charge regulator which protects the batteries from being overcharged by the wind generator. It contains a voltage sensing mosfet switching device which switches current across to a dump load when ever battery voltage reaches a pre-set point. The controller also contains the rectifier which converts the 3 phase A.C. voltage generated by the SOMA into D.C. voltage suitable for charging the battery. An amp meter indicates the amount of DC current that is charging the battery at any time.

All turbine components are made from the highest quality materials to withstand long term wear and fatigue. Corrosion protection is a high priority. The blades are constructed using a hollow moulded fibreglass technique that is unique to SOMA. The tilt back action relieves pressure on the wind turbine and the tower in strong winds (over 15m/s). This is a fail safe design with mechanical simplicity. A hydraulic dampener limits the feathering action in gusty winds.

Large rotor diameters ensure high efficiency in light to moderate wind speeds. The brushless, permanent magnet alternators used on all Soma machines are designed to produce a power curve that matches the output of the 2 bladed rotor while operating at optimal tip speed ratios.

Average wind speed
Average daily output
3 900
4 2,800
5 4,000
6 7,300
7 10,000
8 12,000
9 14,200
10 16,300

Weight: 53 Kilograms
Warranty: 1 yr


Soma 1000BC - Off Grid Wind Turbine - 1000 Watt
Rated output1000W @ 10m/s
Peak Output1200W @ 15m/s
Cut-in wind speed3.5m
Max design wind speed50m/s
Blade diameter2.7m
Operating speed300-800 rpm
Output voltage24, 32, 36, 48, 110 or 120 Volt DC


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