Empowering Education: Rainbow Power's Off-Grid Solar Solution for Goroka Baptist Bible College



Nestled in the serene landscapes of Goroka, Goroka Baptist Bible College (GBBC) faced a recurring challenge with grid outages, prompting the collaboration with Rainbow Power to engineer a reliable and sustainable energy solution. This blog post delves into the innovative off-grid solar power system designed by Rainbow Power, correcting some key details, and its transformative impact on GBBC's commitment to providing uninterrupted education despite power challenges.

Rainbow Power's Off-Grid Solar Solution:

Acknowledging the frequent grid outages in Goroka, Rainbow Power was commissioned to design a robust off-grid solar power system. The result was the SolVA, a stand-alone off-grid powerhouse encapsulated within an insulated, climate-controlled shipping container. This groundbreaking system, capable of supplying up to 96 kW of power, emerged as an ideal solution for large commercial off-grid sites, such as educational institutions like GBBC.

Key Characteristics of the SolVA System:


Containerized Design:

    The SolVA is enclosed in an insulated, climate-controlled shipping container, ensuring optimal performance in Goroka's varying climate conditions.
    Power Generation: A 100 kW solar array, powered by two SMA 50 kW Core-1 Solar Inverters, harnesses energy from the abundant sunlight during the day.
    Battery Storage:

    The heart of the system comprises 12 SMA 8.0H battery inverters, seamlessly combined through SMA’s Multicluster technology.

    Excess energy is stored in a cutting-edge 240 kWh Pylontech Lithium battery bank, consisting of 48 x 5 kWh Lithium modules, ensuring three days of autonomy. This feature is crucial for sustaining operations during periods of limited sunlight or extended grid outages.

    Backup Power: The solar system is supported by both the grid via a 100 kVA transformer and a 100 kVA diesel generator, ensuring a fail-safe backup to guarantee uninterrupted power even in adverse weather conditions.

    The Outcome:

    The implementation of Rainbow Power's SolVA system at GBBC has revolutionized the college's energy infrastructure. The off-grid solar solution ensures a continuous and reliable power supply, mitigating the impact of grid outages that were once a common hindrance to education. With a capacity of up to 96 kW, the SolVA system not only meets the current energy needs of the college but also provides room for future expansion.

    Key Stats:

    • The SolVA system supplies up to 96 kW of power, catering to the energy needs of GBBC's large campus.
    • The 240 kWh Pylontech Lithium battery bank ensures three days of autonomy, providing a reliable power source during extended grid outages.
    • The solar system is backed up by both the grid via a 100 kVA transformer and a 100 kVA diesel generator, serving as a fail-safe backup and guaranteeing uninterrupted power in all weather conditions.

    In conclusion, Rainbow Power's off-grid solar solution, now with corrected details, has empowered Goroka Baptist Bible College to navigate the challenges posed by frequent grid outages. The innovative design and advanced technology incorporated into the SolVA system showcase a commitment to sustainability, resilience, and a brighter, uninterrupted future for education in Goroka.







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