Harnessing the Sun: RPC's Off-Grid Solar Revolution at Matanivusi Beach Eco Resort Fiji



Nestled along the serene and uncrowded south coast of Fiji's main island, Matanivusi Beach Eco Resort beckons travelers to experience the epitome of a sustainably run paradise. Formerly relying on an aging 60 kVA diesel generator, the resort sought to revolutionize its energy infrastructure to reduce operational costs and minimize its environmental footprint. Rainbow Power (RPC) was engaged to design and install a reliable off-grid power system, marking a new chapter in Matanivusi's commitment to eco-friendly luxury.


Matanivusi Beach Eco Resort:

Matanivusi Beach Eco Resort stands as a Stoke Certified haven, harmoniously blending deluxe design with sustainable practices. Located between Nadi and Suva, this family-run resort invites guests to bask in the pristine seclusion where the jungle meets the private beach. From beachfront pool relaxation to guided snorkeling, surfing, and more, Matanivusi offers an adventure-filled escape with a promise to relax, rejuvenate, and restore.


The Project Brief:

With the vision of embracing sustainability and reducing reliance on traditional power sources, Matanivusi Beach Eco Resort partnered with RPC to transform its energy landscape. The outdated 60 kVA diesel generator was replaced with an advanced off-grid solar power system to not only enhance reliability but also align with the resort's commitment to eco-friendly living.


RPC's Off-Grid Solar Solution:

The off-grid solar system designed and installed by RPC brings a new era of energy independence to Matanivusi Beach Eco Resort. The key components of this cutting-edge system include:

 Solar Power Generation: A 35 kW solar array, utilizing a combination of SMA Sunny Boy and Sunny Tripower inverters, harnesses the abundant Fijian sunlight to generate clean energy.
Battery Storage: The heart of the system comprises 3 SMA SI 8.0H Sunny Island inverters connected to a robust 100 kWh Powerplus lithium battery bank. This advanced system includes 30 x 3.3 kWh PPE lithium battery modules, ensuring a reliable power supply during low sunlight periods and providing the resort with energy autonomy.
Environmental Impact: By transitioning from the old diesel generator to the solar power system, Matanivusi Beach Eco Resort significantly reduces its environmental footprint, embracing a more sustainable and eco-friendly operation.




The Outcome:

The completion of RPC's off-grid solar project at Matanivusi Beach Eco Resort heralds a new era of sustainability for the resort. Guests can now indulge in the luxurious amenities of the resort while knowing that their stay aligns with responsible environmental practices. The solar solution not only reduces operational costs but also contributes to the preservation of Fiji's breathtaking natural surroundings.


Key Stats:

  • The 35 kW solar array, powered by SMA Sunny Boy and Sunny Tripower inverters, generates clean energy from the Fijian sun.
  • The 100 kWh Powerplus lithium battery bank, comprising 30 x 3.3 kWh PPE lithium battery modules, ensures reliable power and three days of autonomy.
  • Matanivusi Beach Eco Resort significantly reduces its environmental footprint by transitioning from a 60 kVA diesel generator to a state-of-the-art off-grid solar system.



In conclusion, RPC's off-grid solar solution at Matanivusi Beach Eco Resort exemplifies the fusion of luxury and sustainability, offering guests a unique experience while prioritizing environmental responsibility. The resort's commitment to a greener future ensures that every visit is not just a stay but a contribution to the preservation of Fiji's pristine beauty. Relax, rejuvenate, and restore at Matanivusi – where luxury meets eco-conscious living.

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