SoLVa Commercial Containerised System

2022: Mansfield Estate Eco Retreat

Illuminating Sustainable Luxury: RPC's SolVA Commercial Powers Mansfield Estate Eco Retreat


In the idyllic coastal haven near Port Macquarie on the east coast of Australia, Mansfield Estate Eco Retreat stands as a testament to the harmony between luxurious living and environmental consciousness. Recently, Rainbow Power (RPC) proudly unveiled its latest innovation in sustainable energy – the SolVA Commercial containerized solar power system. Rainbow Power Company recently installed a 100 kW system at Mansfield Estate, showcasing RPC's commitment to energy independence, innovation, and eco-friendly living.

RPC's SolVA Commercial at Mansfield Estate:

RPC's SolVA Commercial, proudly crafted in Nimbin, NSW, is an Australian-made marvel designed for extra-large projects. The Mansfield Estate installation, boasting a 100 kW system, marks a significant milestone for RPC, showcasing the scalability and versatility of their latest innovation.

Key Features of the SolVA Commercial System:


Containerized Design: Housed in an insulated, climate-controlled shipping container, the SolVA Commercial is a stand-alone off-grid system capable of supplying up to 96 kW of power, making it ideal for large-scale projects.
Power Generation: A 100 kW solar array, powered by 12 x SMA 8.0H battery inverters, harnesses the abundant Australian sunlight, ensuring a continuous and reliable power supply.
Battery Storage: The heart of the system comprises a groundbreaking 320 kWh BYD LV Flex battery bank, providing three days of autonomy. This advanced system offers a sustainable power source during periods of low sunlight.
Backup Power: Safety is paramount, and the system is supported by a 60 kVa backup generator, ensuring uninterrupted power even during extreme weather conditions.
Accreditations and Safety: RPC prioritizes safety, holding all necessary accreditations and licenses. The experienced RPC team completed the quote, design, and installation for Mansfield Estate in record time, powering the equivalent of a small village.
Commitment to Sustainability: RPC, with 36 years of industry experience, envisions the SolVA Commercial as a trendsetter, encouraging businesses to invest in their energy independence. RPC's commitment to environmental harmony aligns with Mansfield Estate's ethos of sustainable luxury.

The Outcome:

The installation of RPC's SolVA Commercial at Mansfield Estate Eco Retreat has transformed the eco-conscious resort into a powerhouse of sustainability. This 100 kW system not only reduces the retreat's environmental footprint but also ensures uninterrupted power for its luxurious amenities, offering guests an unparalleled experience in off-grid living.

Key Stats:

  • The 100 kW SolVA Commercial system powers Mansfield Estate Eco Retreat, equivalent to sustaining a small village.
  • The 320 kWh BYD LV Flex battery bank provides three days of autonomy, guaranteeing a reliable power source during periods of low sunlight.
  • RPC's commitment to safety is reflected in all necessary accreditations and licenses, ensuring the highest standards in the installation process.


As Mansfield Estate Eco Retreat basks in the glow of RPC's SolVA Commercial, the synergy between luxury and sustainability becomes apparent. RPC's innovation, dedication to environmental harmony, and commitment to providing energy independence make the SolVA Commercial a beacon for businesses seeking to make a difference. Join the movement towards a greener future by contacting our Commercial Sales team today.






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