24 Volt / 12 Volt Outdoor Floodlight

24 Volt / 12 Volt Outdoor Floodlight

New in May 2013:

Water-resistant LED floodlight (IP65) - light up buildings, noticeboards, signs, plazas, gardens, entertainment areas, driveways or car parks. Available as 10, 30 and 50 watt lamp [all discontinued].

Equipped with advanced LED technology, these floodlights have an energy conversion rate of 90% (incandescent lights: ~ 1%)! Their light output ranges between 900 and 4500 Lumen (more than some street lights) while spreading the light evenly across a 120° beam.

The LED floodlights are also suitable to be operated on a solar battery system (12V or 24V). Most LEDs with an input voltage rating of 24V do not accept the fluctuating voltage of a 24V battery bank. The IP65s do.

Solid Construction

The lamp housing is waterproof (IP65), made of high quality coated aluminium with an impressive heat sink for cooling. The LED is protected by tempered glass sealed with silicone rubber sealing and comes with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours!

Check out our range of LED floodlights. All our LED floodlights are natural daylight (4000-4500° Kelvin) lamps which is neither cold ('blue') nor warm ('yellow'). All lights have about a metre of cable and a detachable bracket for easy installation.

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