Australian Geographic writes about Nimbin Solar Farm

Australian Geographic has written an article about the installation of the Nimbin 45kW solar farm to supply the town that will make Nimbin one of Australia's most sustainable communities.

People of northern NSW town Nimbin are hard at work to become the most sustainable community in Australia.

The Community Solar project was developed by the Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre (NNIC), which designed the farm in conjunction with Rainbow Power Company.

The farm will feature solar arrays of 10kW or less fixed to the roofs of six separate not-for-profit organisations in and around the town.

Team leader of the NNIC and project manager is Natalie Meyer.

The venture will create or retain three permanent jobs, three short-term jobs, one traineeship and five work-experience placements, which was the central motivation for the NNIC. 'Not only is it addressing sustainability goals in terms of carbon emissions,' says Natalie, 'it's primarily a social enterprise project, designed to create jobs.'

[Original article no longer available].

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