Branching Out - RPC extend their reach

Branching Out - RPC extend their reach

Although I wouldn't exactly call it a branch, because we tried that in Brisbane in the 80s and it's not something we plan to replicate any time soon; it is more like we are out-sourcing super heroes, super agents, in places where we feel that we can make a difference and supply quality solar power and battery storage for grid connect customers. Yes our off grid stand alone reach is Australia wide and even into the South Pacific, but until now, our grid connect services have stopped at a range of about Tweed Heads to Yamba. Not so anymore.

We welcome a new 'agent' to our team, Andy Wilkinson. Working out of Maclean, he covers from our base in Nimbin to Coffs Harbour and the Mid North Coast, capitalising and expanding on relationships that we have been building up and down the coast in the last few years with installers and suppliers. Bellingen is one market that we particularly want into, where the sun shines plenty and the ethos is renewable, and for some reason there is a lack of qualified and experienced providers in that area. Again- not so anymore.

Andy has nearly 10 years' experience in solar power, working as a renewable energy surveyor, consulting for farmers in the UK, Ireland and Australia on large scale renewable energy projects. Having first graced our shores in the mid 00's, he made a permanent home here several years ago. He brings with him a mostly useless masters in European Real Estate, and with enough beers in him he can rave to you in German- although only about renewable energy and positive farming practices 'Solarenergie für Landwirte! (Solar energy for farmers!)'. Apart from being a genuinely lovely guy and great salesperson, this balanced Libran is the typical great communicator, a charismatic gentleman who makes you laugh and will listen to your woes like a true friend; he also brings a wealth of knowledge and English enthusiasm (is that a thing?) to the team.

Make sure you go and say hello if you see him attending a trade event, market or pop up shop (look for the big RPC logo), Andy is friendly and approachable and has got the skills to (help you) pay the bills (your electricity bills that is).

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