BYD - Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Bank

BYD - Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Bank

Rainbow Power Company now sells the BYD B-Box, a modular 48 volt battery systems.

At present, BYD (or Build Your Dreams) is the world's largest manufacturer of electric vehicles and rechargeable batteries. The battery production rate of BYD's Shenzhen based factories is said to be 8 times higher than Tesla's.

It may take a while before Australia is ready for E-Taxis and the like, but Home Battery Storage Solutions are booming. Now, BYD has added yet another option – the B-Box - , and it is a remarkable one.

A single battery module is shaped like an old VCR with carry handles and weighs about 35kg. The design is not meant to be pretty, but practical. The battery is rack-mountable and probably fits in all sorts of standard 19 inch rack cabinets. However, RPC recommends BYD cabinets that are built to take the weight of up to 4 of these black-box battery modules. BYD cabinets are available as indoor (IP20) or outdoor (IP55) units.

To complete a B-Box, a small battery management unit (BMU) is required. A single BMU can handle up to 8 fully loaded B-Boxes, over 80kWh of battery storage capacity, sufficient to run a household for an entire week.

If the size is not impressive enough, the discharge and charge capabilities are ground breaking: a B-Box 10.0 has a continuous output of 10,240 watts allowing you to boil 6 kettles simultaneously. For a short time (30 seconds) it can even handle double that load.

The B-Box comes with a 10 year warranty and, unlike other Home Battery Systems, is readily available. It is compatible with SunGrow solar inverters (grid interactive) or SMA Sunny Island and Victron MultiPlus inverters (off grid).

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