Unveiling Rainbow Power Company's Revolutionary SolVA Commercial Containerized Solar Power System!

Unveiling Rainbow Power Company's Revolutionary SolVA Commercial Containerized Solar Power System!

Welcome to the future of sustainable energy with Rainbow Power Company's latest innovation – the SolVA Commercial containerized solar power system!

Crafted with pride in Nimbin, NSW, these cutting-edge systems are tailored for extra-large remote area projects, making them our most substantial offering yet. One recent milestone is the successful installation of a 100 kW system at Mansfield Estate Eco Retreat in Port Macquarie, a testament to our continuous pursuit of excellence.

Encased in an insulated, climate-controlled shipping container, the SolVA is a stand-alone off-grid powerhouse capable of supplying up to 96 kW of power. Ideal for large commercial off-grid sites without access to a reliable grid connection, this system is a game-changer. The heart of the system comprises 12 SMA 8.0H battery inverters, seamlessly combined through SMA’s Multicluster technology. A 100 kW solar array, powered by two SMA 50 kW Core-1 Solar Inverters, generates energy during the day. Excess energy is stored in our groundbreaking 320 kWh BYD LV Flex battery bank, ensuring three days of autonomy. To guarantee uninterrupted power, the system is backed by a robust 60 kVa diesel generator, capable of handling all weather conditions.

Safety is paramount in every RPC project. Our installation staff possesses the necessary training, accreditations, and licenses to execute projects successfully. The swift completion of the Mansfield Estate installation was made possible by the premanufacturing of an electrical control room, housing all critical electrical components. Leveraging the modular nature of the 20ft container allowed for rapid deployment with minimal on-site work, setting the stage for a critical development in the mass rollout of off-grid renewable energy systems across remote areas of Australia and the Pacific.

Since our inception in 1987, RPC has evolved to meet the demands of modern off-grid living. Our systems seamlessly power everything from basic amenities to electric vehicle chargers, providing unparalleled convenience. Today, our large commercial off-grid power systems are not only suitable for holiday resorts but also for remote mining camps and small villages in the Pacific. RPC continues to offer quality advice, urging businesses to invest in their energy independence.

With a cumulative knowledge spanning hundreds of years, RPC stands as your local authority on solar power and renewable energy. Our products are built to withstand harsh conditions and come with extended warranties. After 36 years in the industry, we've fostered strong supplier relations, enabling us to compete on component prices while prioritizing people and the environment. Explore our numerous 5-star reviews from satisfied customers who have experienced the RPC difference.

At RPC, our commitment to environmental harmony remains unwavering. In these uncertain times, our ethos centers on protecting the planet. Join us in making a difference – contact our Commercial team to see how we can help today. 

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