Feed in Tariff reduced in Germany

Germany has cut its subsidies and lowered its feed in tariff.

Germany has so far set the example with its approach to the renewable energy program. However, the recent price drops for solar panels were considered significant enough to reduce the long standing subsidies.

Traditionally, Australian governments have followed the examples of others rather than setting them themselves, hence cut-backs can be expected from the Australian government, too. We advise you to get your Solar system application in with your energy provider so you profit from the current feed in tariff of 60ct for 7 years (in NSW this differs with each provider – some retailers may offer more).

The German subsidy for new rooftop solar systems will decline by 16% for systems constructed after 1 July.

The price of solar electric panels has dropped by 40%, resulting in an overcapacity in the German market. It estimates that the reduced feed-in tariffs will reduce costs for electricity by €2 billion while allowing profitable investments in Germany as a result of technological developments and lower costs of production.

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