Introducing the Power SolVA 800

Introducing the Power SolVA 800

We at RPC are proud to be introducing the newest love-child from our barefoot brains trust; the Power SolVA800 .

Notwithstanding the brilliant and innovative inventions and products that have come before it here at RPC (wait for the coffee table book!), the SolVA800 addresses a specific problem and comes at an important time in history as we push to quickly phase out coal and non-renewable energy sources.

Perfect for people wanting portable and reliable off grid (stand alone) power, this new item is here to solvae your energy needs; anywhere, any time. Energy conscious consumers can expect to power a small DC pump, charge a laptop and phone, power a few lights and run a TV and stereo, possibly even run an efficient fridge.

Keeping up with Australian safety standards (some of which RPC were instrumental in proudly developing through the early days of renewable energy), we have kept the SolVA as affordable as possible (starting at around $2500 not including batteries), while still making it comparatively light, portable, durable, readily available (short wait time) and supported by hefty supplier warranties and our famous after sales care that is second to none (all of our off grid stand alone systems come with after sales service for the life of the system). It is also quite an attractive little unit, when it comes to electrical hardware, we think you will like showing it off to your friends and family and spruiking its many features and benefits like we do.

Worried about blackouts? The SolVA800 has you covered. Travelling? The SolVA will keep you powered up. The SolVA is the instant off grid power solution for you- whether it is for your bush block, farm shed, city backyard or your RV, boat, tent or tree house- you dream it, we'll power it (however as these are meant to be small and portable units, if you are dreaming big- you might want to look at one of our larger off grid kit's).

Let's go through a few of the specs and features;

The Solva800 is a 12 volt standalone unit that is solar panel ready (for 1-2 370W panels), it comes with an Anderson plug for 12 volt loads, a 650 watt inverter (for 230 volt output), a 50 amp MPPT solar regulator and 30 amp battery charger (charge from the mains or a generator when there is no sun), and a battery monitor to monitor the state of your battery at any given time of day or night.

So you can use the power in the system via either of the 2 USB sockets, the car/vehicle 12V outlet, the 50A dc outlet or the 650W inverter outlet at the other end of the unit (for 230V appliances), and the easy peasy monitoring is done via your smart phone and Bluetooth (Victron Connect app).

One of the many great things about this product is you don't need a licensed electrician to install; all of the legal safety and technical requirements have been done in our workshop, to Australian standards, and we cut no corners when it comes to your safety and that of your family.

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to solar power; there is a reason we are still around after 34 years; we are accountable for our workwomanship and workmanship, while staunchly using only the best quality components with the longest warranties, and our suppliers are known solar companies with offices in Australia.

Powerful, versatile and affordable, the SolVA800 is a revolution in take away DIY solar power, and it is ready for you to purchase right now. Call and enquire about how the SolVA800 might just be the perfect off grid power solution for you in 2021.

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