Nimbin Neighbourhood & Information Centre (NNIC) has organised a free information session at the Nimbin Town Hall on Sunday, 24th of July, 2016, starting at 10.15am.

The NSW Solar Bonus Scheme (SBS) is ending on 31 December 2016. About 146,000 grid interactive solar systems were installed under the scheme. With such a large market coming to life at once, there will be a lot of wooing from both serious and opportunistic companies in order to secure a piece of the cake.

The session will help existing and future solar customers to make informed and timely decisions. Rainbow Power Company will also present battery options for those who want to take their solar systems to the next level.


  1. Welcome and Intros
  2. Feed In Tariff - quick reminder that we are all on gross metering and how that works. (NNIC)
  3. Likely range of feed in tariffs available once the subsidised FIT ends. (Enova and Guy from RPC/NNIC)
  4. Net metering - what that means. Pros and cons of switching to net metering. (RPC)
  5. Managing your net metered system - behaviours to optimise efficiency and benefits (eg use power when sun shining etc). (Paul from RPC)
  6. Costs and availability of net meters. Where to get them and who can/will install them? (Mark Cave and Enova)
  7. What about batteries? Stand alone or battery back ups. Pros and cons of available battery technologies. Cost vs benefit (including embodied energy and carbon emission considerations). (Paul & Rob from RPC).
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