NSW Solar Summit

The General Manager of Australia’s leading solar power company, Conergy has applauded the NSW Liberals and Nationals for their immediate commitment to the development of renewable energy.

Conergy Australia General Manager David McCallum has acknowledged the new Government’s commitment to developing renewable energy in the State and is eager for positive and proactive outcomes from all the initiatives placed on the table as per the ‘First 100 Days Action Plan’.

The NSW Governments ‘First 100 Days Action Plan includes:

  • Establishment of a Parliamentary Secretary for renewable energy
  • 2020 NSW Renewable Energy Plan Part 3A
  • Planning Policy Review
  • Solar Summit

Mr. David McCallum comments that Conergy Australia is excited about the role that industry and community will have in the development of key areas of the ‘First 100 Days Action Plan’.

The Solar Summit will seek to develop a Solar Action Plan ensuring ongoing development of solar energy in NSW.

Key outcomes of the Solar Summit:

  • A sustainable future for the NSW solar industry
  • Identification of options to better link feed in tariff schemes to market signals and prices
  • Investigate opportunities for large scale solar installations in NSW
  • Leveraging Commonwealth initiatives

Once the Solar Action Plan is developed, a joint Industry–Government Task Force will take responsibility for delivering on the outcomes.

A Parliamentary Secretary for Renewable Energy will also be appointed to champion growth and development of renewable energy.

Mr. McCallum expects to see growth in commercial scale solar and wind farms with these initiatives, simultaneously improving Government information in the sector.

NSW Government targets include increasing the proportion of energy from 7% to 20% renewable energy consumption by 2020

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