Off Grid? No Worries! Introducing the Rainbow Power Co SolVA Range.

Off Grid? No Worries! Introducing the Rainbow Power Co SolVA Range.

Rainbow Power Company are pleased to announce new products in our SolVA Power System range. In addition to our SolVA 800 and 1200, we now have the SolVA 3000, 5000 and 8000.

What is a SolVA? A SolVA is an off-grid power system in a box. The SolVA 800, launched in 2021, is a portable plug-and-play power source, suited to camping, worksites or tiny-home applications. Coupled with a battery and one or two panels, it can power a couple of lights and charge your laptop, power tools and phone. It is designed to be kept out of the weather and does not require specialist installation.

For our 1200-8000 models, we have taken our famous off-grid systems - developed over many years and installed on thousands of households and businesses across the country - and placed them in rugged, vermin-proof and IP rated boxes, enabling them to be installed outdoors. These systems use high quality Victron inverters and charge controllers paired with modern CAN BUS controlled Lithium batteries to ensure they provide reliable power to your home. These larger systems require installation by a licenced electrician.

Fridges; models with linear compressor inverters have a high star rating, see our previous article for the one that we recommend.

Whether your power needs are big or small, there will likely be a SolVA perfect to power your off-grid home or cabin. The 1200 will support an energy-efficient fridge, TV, lights and appliance charging. The 3000 is designed for a small family home with the ability to run more power-hungry appliances in your kitchen, laundry and living areas. The 5000 will allow you to power all of your mod-cons including an air conditioner, dishwasher, washing machine and drier, kitchen appliances and entertainment. The 8000 adds the ability to run more of these devices concurrently. Gone are the days of forgoing the comforts and luxuries of modern life in order to live off-grid. Our solar specialists will help you to assess your power requirements and choose the system best suited to your needs.

For those wanting large-scale private or commercial off-grid systems, please get in touch to discuss your options. To date our largest off-grid system was a massive 100kWp backed by 320kWh of storage, it seems the sky is the limit when it comes to RPC’s off-grid power solutions.

All of our systems are backed by Rainbow Power Company’s industry leading customer service and tech support. We install the 1200-8000 systems within 4 hours of Nimbin, and can supply Australia-wide or overseas. For an obligation free quote call 66891430 and ask speak to one of our off-grid specialists today.

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