Off Grid Systems - Solar Power Solutions

Off-grid power systems have always been our speciality.
In the last years the sudden popularity of grid connect solar systems has far surpassed the amount of sales of stand alone systems.
Unlike a lot of the newcomers in the business we still develop and design the best off-grid, stand-alone power solutions for remote areas, black-out prevention, hard to reach areas and international locations where no power is available.

We continue to work with the best components for our stand-alone systems.
We use Trina Solar or Kyocera solar panels; these are the best, tested at the Alice Springs Desert Knowledge site.
We have a large range of batteries and after 25 years in the industry we know which one is best for your application.

Make an off-the-grid sale a smart sale.

Large savings can be made by making smart choices, and knowing which machines to run and when to run them. Much more information can be found in our solar system design FAQ.

Things to consider are your battery bank size, inverter, regulator, number of solar panels, charge rate and cable length.

We at Rainbow Power can help you design an off-grid system for you. Visit our off grid page

Energy From Nature

Would you like to educate yourself on solar, wind or hydro power? Then this is the book for you. Over 30,000 copies have been sold internationally.

The book comes with a CD containing over 3000 pages of information on Renewable Energy, energy efficiency, electrical theory, overseas rural development and available products.

  • Energy from Nature offers enough information to design and maintain a renewable energy system.
  • Solar, hydro and wind applications are thoroughly covered in a simple and concise manner; ideal for the novice but also for those experts who need to refresh or gain more information on specific topics.
  • 132 pages dedicated to designing, installing and maintaining your own renewable energy power system using nature's abundant free energy.
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