Pump up the dam, pump it up!

Pump up the dam, pump it up!

Dynamic head, flow, tank, speed, suction lift and dry run- sounds more like a marathon race at that time of month than professional pumping terms, but that's what they are, all terms to do with various pumps and pump systems. Fire-fighting, pool, bore, dam, 230V house and DC pumps, to move an ocean or just a drop, to get your water where you need it when you need it, for your plants, your animals and your humans, watering livestock, irrigation of crops/greenhouses and water supply for homes/businesses etc.

STOP LUGGING AROUND WATER! Let the sun do it for you.

When I needed a pump, I didn't let the big words ;) daunt me, the design process for getting the right pump for my needs was easy with RPC helping me, and I knew I could rely on their famous after sales care -which we know some companies are better at providing than others.

A local company will always be more trust worthy because they have to answer to their fellow townspeople!

A solar pump will do the environment a favour, being more carbon (and neighbour!) friendly with no pollution or noise, and most importantly, they are independent from the grid. Note that since water can only be pumped during sun-shine hours, you need a header tank that is at least a few meters higher than your house. The pressure in your pipes is then supplied by gravity - simple, reliable and renewable!

Trusted brands Grundfos and Lorentz have reliable models in their range that include helical rotor as well as vertical centrifugal pumps - the former gives a high vertical lift (head), the latter high yields (volume), and solar pumps are built extra strong and dependable for off-grid, rural and often hostile environments.

Commercial or residential, surface or submersible, DC for motor homes, boats and RVs, there is a pump for every use and every need. Water is universal and weekenders to off grid family farms homes and businesses, all need reliable pumping solutions. And that's where RPC come in.

You could change your own tyres but why would you? Let RPC design the exact pump for your needs.

Modern pumps have corrosion resistant motors, UV stabilisers, multiple outlets, stainless steel components, are highly energy efficient and can pump extremely long, fast and high (without any Viagra). Solar pumps can also be configured as 'hybrid' systems, incorporating an extra power source like a generator, allowing for night time pumping (ok now get your mind out of the gutter!).

RPC also have Diaphragm kits and other repair kits for your pumps. O-rings, valves, pressure switches, accumulator tanks, float switches, etc. and info on maintenance of your model pump is available on their website, in your manual or by phoning them -most good brands (the ones that RPC sell) also being mostly maintenance free.

Water is life, don't waste it, don't let it pass you by, store it for when you need it and have the best defence against bush fires, drought and water insecurity.

Pumps have come a long way since 2000 BC when the Egyptians invented the water organ, a new type of air pump that had valves on the bottom, a receptacle of water in between them and a line of pipes on top that was the basis of the principal design, now known as the reciprocating pump. These days it is not uncommon for customers to still be using the same pump 15 years later, which is why getting the design right at the start is of utmost importance.

All of the RPC off grid power and grid connect power systems are large enough to power a solar pump (speak with our designers first of course to be sure your system can power all of your lifestyle needs), and our experts have decades of combined experience that they are proud to put into their designs, sales and after sales care; our product knowledge and dedication is second to none, with over 50% of our staff living themselves off grid.

When you need a pump, and you want to get it right first time, call your local solar pumping specialists on 0266891430. Rainbow Power Company are ready to ship your complete solar pump kit, ready for installation anywhere in Australia, any day of the week. HAPPY PUMPING.

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