Queensland Battery Rebate

2024 Queensland Battery Booster Rebate: Amount, Eligibility & How To Apply

The Queensland Government announced a new scheme in March 2024 to assist Queenslanders with the cost of installing a home battery system which is brilliant news for those looking to invest in renewable energy and save money on their power bills!

The idea is to make it cheaper to install a new battery system (including panels) or add a battery to your existing solar panels.

The Queensland Government is accepting applications right now but this scheme will only be in place until the funding runs out (so we encourage anyone in QLD to move as quickly as possible to ensure they can get access to some funds!) 

Step By Step Guide On How To Apply for the 2024 Queensland Battery Booster Rebate

If you’re thinking about either installing a new solar system that includes batteries or adding batteries to your existing solar panels, here’s what you need to do:

  • STEP 1: Get in contact with an Approved Installer (yes, Rainbow Power are approved)
  • STEP 2: Get a quote for a new solar system that includes batteries or a quote for a battery addition to your existing solar panels. The battery model/make must be on the approved list of Battery Systems (your Approved Installer should already know this but best to triple check)
  • STEP 3: Apply for Conditional Approval through the Queensland Government - to complete this application, you need to upload a quote from an Approved Installer to complete the application. See information below on what you need before you apply and how to apply.
  • STEP 4: Wait for Conditional Approval - this can take up to a week (and times can vary depending on how many applications have been received
  • STEP 5: Get back in contact with your Approved Installer WITHIN 90 DAYS to arrange installation
  • STEP 6: Pay for your battery system in full! It’s really important to note that this must be PAID IN FULL for the rebate to be paid to you. You need to ensure that the invoice you receive has all the correct information (see below)
  • STEP 7: Submit your rebate Application through the portal. Before you apply, you l need to ensure you’ve got all the documentation ready to go! See the list below of documentation you’ll need.
  • STEP 8: Be ready for a safety inspection. The Queensland Government want to ensure your safety and will organise a time after the rebate has been approved for an inspection to take place. It’s free and they’ll work with you to find a time that works for you.

How much is the rebate?

There are two rebate amounts available and it depends of the combined income of your household:

  1. Combined Household Income of $180,000 per year: up to $3,000 rebate (maximum amount)
  2. Highest income earner earned $66,667 or less per financial year: up to $4,000 rebate (maximum amount)

Who is eligible?

  1. The premises must be located within Queensland
  2. The application must be made by the OWNER of the property (either whole house, community lot or granny flat). Renters are not eligible
  3. You must have applied (and been approved) for Conditional Approval BEFORE the system is installed
  4. Have a solar (PV) system with a minimum 5kW capacity (either your existing system or the one being installed with the battery
  5. Battery system must be from the Approved Battery list
  6. System must be installed by an Approved Installer
  7. Have a combined Household Income of less than $180,000
  8. Agree to a safety inspection (after the system is installed)

How do I apply for Conditional Approval?

You must submit your application to the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA) for assessment.

There are 3 ways to access the QRIDA application portal:

  • Use your myGovID details to log in. myGovID is the Australian Government’s digital identity app, which you can use to sign in to a range of online services like myGov. Learn more or register for a MyGovID account. (Note: Your myGovID is not the same as your myGov account, where you can access government services like Medicare and the ATO).
  • Register without myGovID. You don’t need a myGovID account to participate in the Battery Booster program, but you will need to provide evidence of  your identity. You can use the ‘New/existing user’  option.
  • Use your existing QRIDA account. If you already have a QRIDA account, you can use the ‘New/Existing user’ option and upgrade to myGovID.

As the Battery Booster rebate is for homeowners only, ‘myGovID for business’ will not be an option.

Read the portal instructions (PDF, 939 KB) and if you have any questions about the use of the QRIDA application portal, phone  QRIDA on 1300 287 539.

To apply for conditional approval, you will need to provide:

  • Quote as outlined in step 1
  • Proof of home ownership (rates notice, contract of sale, or building contract)
  • Evidence of income in the form of notice(s) of assessment from the Australian Tax Office for the most recently ended financial year. If applying for the
    • standard rebate ($3,000), supply notice(s) for yourself and, if applicable, your spouse, showing the combined household income does not exceed $180,000
    • low-income rebate ($4,000), supply notice for the highest income earner, showing the income does not exceed $66,667. 

What systems are eligible?

In order to keep consumers safe, there are two criteria to bear in mind prior to purchasing anything (either online or through an energy retailer):

  1. SYSTEM TYPE MUST BE APPROVED: to keep consumers safe, there’s an approved list of Battery Systems that have successfully passed through rigorous QC & testing. If you’re purchasing your battery online, ensure the brand/model is ON THE APPROVED LIST prior to purchasing or your application will not be approved.
  2. It must have a minimum capacity of 6 kilowatt hours (kWh)

What information needs to be on the Quote from an Approved Installer?

The installer must provide a quote with:

  1. their business name, ABN and address
  2. your name and the address where the battery system will be installed
  3. the brand, name, size (kWh) and cost of the approved battery system to be installed (which must be listed on the approved battery list)
  4. the size (kW) of the solar PV system that will be connected to the battery
  5. whether the system is to be on-grid or standalone
  6. battery and installation cost
  7. date quote provided (which must be on or after 12 February 2024).

What information needs to be on the final invoice issued from my Approved Installer?

Ensure your invoice contains:

  • Date of invoice and installation
  • Business name, ABN and address of the approved installer who installed the system
  • Your name (as homeowner)  and the address where the battery system was installed
  • The brand, name, size (kWh) and serial number of the installed battery system. This must be the same system you received conditional approval for
  • The size (kW) of the solar PV system connected to the battery
  • The name and electrical worker  licence number of the electrician who installed your system
  • Whether the system is on-grid or standalone
  • Total cost (system and installation), showing that the amount has been paid in full. You are not eligible for a rebate payment until the system has been paid for. Note, the battery system may be paid in full through finance and still be eligible.

Important things to know!

  1. Be aware of SCAMS!! There’s a whole bunch of Scam operators trying to take advantage of consumers in this space. They’re creating fake websites and ads to get credit card information off you. ALWAYS make sure that links you click are official government run websites (check the url contains /qld.gov.au)
  2. Don’t install before you’re approved as you won’t get the rebate!


How long will the battery rebate be available for?

The Queensland Battery Booster Rebate will only be available until funding runs out! So it’s best to get in early.

How long does it take for my Conditional Approval application to be approved?

It can take anywhere from one week to one month (depending on the volume of applications received.

Can my battery installer apply for the rebate on my behalf?

No, they can’t. This rebate application needs to be completed by the homeowner.

Contact / References:

Queensland Department of Energy & Climate 

Call 13 QGOV (13 74 68)



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