Rainbow Power Company (RPC) is 30 years old this year. It started with Peter Pedals, Dave C and Jack van Hest selling solar torches out of the back of a van at The Channon and Nimbin markets. In May 1987 a group of Nimbin locals interested in the off grid lifestyle, got together and formed the company that began its life in the shop on Cullen St which now houses the Nimbin Apothecary. It didn't take long to outgrow those premises and the visionary workers of Rainbow Power found the land and built the mud-brick factory that is their current premises on Alternative Way, using money loaned to it by the shareholders of RPC.

In the last 30 years, RPC has advised on, designed and installed thousands of stand-alone and grid-connected solar systems; designed and manufactured dozens of ground breaking products and employed hundreds of local Nimbin people, in addition to supplying and installing systems in the Pacific region and teaching the benefits and management of renewable energy systems to all.

These days the majority of their work is in the design and installation of Off-Grid systems for domestic homes and commercial premises, with sales of grid-connect & pumping systems coming a close second. The rest of the world has since caught up to the levels of RPC's original innovation, so although they no longer make machinery and instruments, the expertise & experience built up over 30 years is now used to evaluate their suppliers' products, giving confidence that they are supplying the best value and most reliable equipment in the Solar business to their customers. Customers who keep coming back.

RPC is still going strong, they are a major employer in Nimbin and a strong supporter of local businesses, sporting teams, music festivals, charities and community groups. They believe it's important to support the wonderful Nimbin Community and continue to be a big part of it for the next 30 years and beyond.

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