Reducing power use and load demands.

Although we prefer to quote customers on getting the exact amount of solar for their lifestyle desires, we also realise that there is often still a need for them to curb their energy usage.

TV’s; use a great portion of household energy, particularly when left on all day/night. A useful website listing manufacturers/star ratings is (

Cooking; check our previous articles for appliances we recommend running on solar power.

Fridges; models with linear compressor inverters have a high star rating, see our previous article for the one that we recommend.

Computers; opt for a laptop instead of a floor unit, they take a fraction of the power.

Pumps; water pumps take excessive power, so it makes sense for them to be solar powered (RPC sell pumps and can help you determine the right one for your needs).

Ok you’ve heard it a million times but, turn appliances off at the wall, don’t leave them on standby- remember that a red light on standby is a wasted little ball of energy. You could get a power board with a single switch to turn off all your TV and computer peripherals at once. This will save power and in most cases will also prevent damage from power surges (from lightning etc.). If you are on solar, phantom standby loads will use even more power than a regular grid connect house, because it will keep your inverter on run mode and at the lower end of its efficiency range.

If your inverter is not running an appliance then turning it off will save some wasted power.

Buy tools/items with rechargeable batteries and charge them when you have excess power (or at work or when the generator is on) - further reducing your consumption.

Too far from ‘society’? Quoted a fortune to connect to the grid? Not a problem with an off grid system.

Connected to the grid? Then have your cake and eat it too; A grid feed solar system will reduce your power bill and cut your greenhouse gas emissions- for even greater impact upgrade with home batteries and use your own energy ‘round the clock. Your house remains connected to mains but only feeds the grid when your needs are covered and batteries are charged. This is what I call a

That’s about it, suggestions (or article ideas) please pop them in the comments.

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