Renewables exceed coal for the first time ever.

Renewables exceed coal for the first time ever.

There was a time when solar panels and the thought of renewable energy for all, seemed a pipedream, or simply the domain of hippies and fringe dwellers, not so anymore. And this is good news, for both consumers and the environment (in fact let’s call them non-consumers!).

Now more than 30% of Australian homes have panels, a larger percentage per rooftop than any other country in the world, and soon the renewable energy feeding back into the Aussie energy grid will exceed that which is coming from coal.

And rightly so, with the Australian rolling plains and strong plentiful sunshine we were always going to be leaders in the solar and renewable energy field. Rainbow Power Company began in the 80s, when solar for every day households really was a pipe dream- too expensive and inaccessible. Not so anymore! Qld of course has the highest uptake of solar with 82% of roofs powering hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses, but the rest of the country is not far behind and our local North Coast ‘Rainbow Region’ residents and businesses alike are doing their share. You may have noticed the proliferation of solar companies appearing in our area- the demand is producing a supply, but do be warned not all companies are equal. Do your research and look for a reputable and trustworthy company. Word on the street is that RPC are the best. 😄

Households and businesses who already have solar, are increasingly coming to us for upgrades and expansions, benefiting from reduced bills and or grid independence.

The increase in EV’s is also a driving factor for the uptake- and one that we welcome here at RPC. We love our EV and the free charging station here at the headquarters gets a lot of use!

So how much power do we need to power the whole country? Well we currently produce 20 gigawatts, and we are nearly halfway there.

And the demand for solar and the rollout has gotten faster; when you take note that the first 10gigawatt took 10 years to reach, but the next 10gigawatt only took another 4 years and the subsequent 10gigawatt is expected to take 3 years- we are on track for a full solar revolution!

This is good news for consumers and great news for the environment, it’s also great news for RPC! Although there were some stock and supply interruptions during Covid, RPC managed to secure enough stock to facilitate ongoing system designs, and have not had to miss a beat. And as the company moves forward in leaps and bounds, so do our customers!

The increase in solar comes at a time when battery technology has improved dramatically, with new batteries much more affordable, expandable and accessible to the regular person, this is also sure to be one of the driving factors in the uptake.

Increasing power prices and reduced feed-in tariffs have put a strain on households and businesses and this combined with a push to be green and environmentally sustainable, has meant that the newfound support for solar and battery storage, and any new technology, has come at the perfectly right time. Even though the price of solar systems in general has increased, energy retailers have increased their prices exponentially, and it's now highly feasible that almost everyone has either got solar, gotten a quote for solar, or is considering it.

If you or someone you know is considering solar, recommend the local experts at RPC, we've helped thousands of people go solar since we started in 1987, we have trusted products, designs and after sales care, and we are proud and passionate about what we do. Phone 1300 618 462, email Sales or visit

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