The recent floods and storms have left 250,000 homes without power on the Eastern seaboard which has led to several requests for solar back-up systems. This is a complex question as peoples' homes and power expectations vary considerably.


If you just want a few lights you could buy one of our Solar LED lighting kits (starting from $85). You could use these lights year around to decrease your power bill! You can get a Power Cube if you want lighting plus a radio & laptop computer (from $1599).


If you only loose power one or two times a year, you might consider buying a generator set. You could spend several hundred dollars and run an extension cord to your fridge, a desk lamp, TV & computer. An additional changeover switch would eliminate the extension cords and can be installed by your local electrician. If you want to run an electric stove or air conditioner, etc your back up generator set will cost between $2000 and $6000.

If you cannot run a generator set, you could get a battery bank, 230 volt battery charger & inverter from $1000 +.

Grid Feed with Battery Bank

If you already have a grid connect system, you could add a battery bank and off grid inverter. This gives you long term backup in the event of a prolonged grid failure. Cost is $6000+.

Off Grid Solar Systems

The last alternative to run some or all of your house off the grid.
This will cost $3500 + - (typically $15,000 +). With many homes spending $2000/ year + for power, an off grid solar system is becoming cost effective in the long term.

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