Solar Bonus Scheme Wind Up

Solar Bonus Scheme Wind Up

If your solar system or wind generator has been approved under the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme it must be connected to the electricity network by 30th June 2012 to be eligible for the tariff payments of 60¢ or 20¢.

If you are awaiting the connection of your system Rainbow Power Company suggests that you contact your installer and Level 2 accredited electrician to determine whether installation and grid connection is possible in this limited time frame.

It is important that your installation meets all requirements of the Solar Bonus Scheme including complying with the metering and connection requirements of your Distribution Network Services Business as well as the strict rules governing eligibility for the higher (60¢) tariff rate.

Act Now

If you have lost confidence in your installer/supplier, or worse, if they have since gone out of business, contact Rainbow Power Company as soon as possible. The NSW government announced that the date is fixed and no exceptions or exemptions will be granted.

Customers whose systems are already connected to the electricity grid are not affected. The Scheme operates until 31st December 2016.

Grid interactive systems connected from 1st July 2012 will not be eligible to receive Solar Bonus Tariff payments.
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