Solar Powered Water Pumps

Solar Powered Water Pumps

Whether you believe in climate change or not, the one thing that is certain is that we are living in a time of soaring temperatures with many parts of Australia in drought. Conditions aren't set to improve quickly; with little to no rain on the horizon, water is becoming a precious resource. Managing your water use and your ability to store it are some of the first steps you can take to ensure the survival of family, livestock, crops and homes.

If you have a dam down the hill, a bore in the field, or a tank at the end of your property, solar energy as a power source for water pumping is an ideal solution where water is required when the sun is shining, or where it can be stored in a high location (e.g. in a header tank). Solar pump systems can also be configured as 'hybrid' systems and incorporate an additional power source, e.g. a generator, allowing for pump use at night.

When searching for a company to design and supply a solar pumping system for submersible bore pumps, surface pumps (or floating pumps) or swimming pool pumps, make sure that the company is known for selling quality items, with high quality materials and long warranties (with most good brands also being mostly maintenance free).

Features and benefits of good solar pumping include not only low maintenance costs and a long life span but they are also environmentally friendly with no pollution or noise and are independent from the grid.

Applications in which solar pumps are used include watering livestock, irrigation of crops or greenhouses and water supply for homes.

Since water can only be pumped during sun-shine hours you need a header tank that is at least a few meters higher than your house. The pressure in your pipes is then supplied by gravity - simple, reliable and renewable!

Trusted solar pump brands Grundfos and Lorentz have quality models in their range including helical rotor as well as vertical centrifugal pumps - the former achieves a high vertical lift (head), the latter high yields (volume).

To find the best solar pump solution suited to your requirements the only information that you need to be armed with is, the location (suburb) of the intended pump, the total dynamic head (how high the water needs to be lifted from its source to its destination) the length and width of the delivery pipes, an idea of where the water is being pumped from (dam, bore, tank, creek?) plus an indication of how much water is needing to be transferred per day.

Why wait until it's too late and your tanks are dry? Rainbow Power Company can ship complete solar pump kits ready to be installed anywhere in Australia, so contact us today!

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