Solar Users Association Fights For The Rights of NSW Solar Customers

Hi all,

I’m in the process of setting up a solar users association to provide a collective voice for solar system owners in Australia.

Because time is of the essence in regard to the proposed changes to the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme, the first step is to establish a list of people interested in joining the group.

At this stage all that is really required is an email address to contact you in the future.
Once the Association is formed we would email you with how you can join.

The idea will take formation this week with the first step being the registration of the association.

The association will lobby the NSW Government to retain the 60c tariff for people already approved for it and to develop a sustainable and fair price for renewable energy.

The association’s email is

Please specify if you want to be contacted in regard to actions you can take in regard to changes to the NSW Solar FIT

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