Taking care of business

Taking care of business

The orders for solar power systems here at RPC have not stopped or slowed down- if anything, they have ramped up! So much so in fact that we have need to expand, once again.

Originally doing all of our work out of the back of a car, the business progressed from a market stall, a shop front, a small building on current property, and now, a massive 500ft showroom with 1000ft new manufacturing area and larger still workshop and warehouse.

We were not in a hurry to have such big premises: but we are determined to help as many customers as possible. Hence we have had dedicated builders and team members working around the clock these past couple of weekends to get the space finished- so we can get on with business. A bigger storage space means extra saving for customers as well, and less wait time.

Theoretically, where last year we could manufacture two boards a week, now we will be able to do two in a day. It doesn't sound like much difference but for people waiting on a solar system it means the difference between having what they want when they want it.

People buying, selling, renovating, extending, downsizing, holidaying, investing- time is always an issue and a factored consideration when deciding whether and how to go solar. We try to make everything as easy and trouble free as possible for our customers.

The above is one of the many reasons why our pre wired kits are so popular (check out our new YouTube channel for videos about our awesome and popular DIY kits), because they are hassle free and you don't need to call an electrician to install them- we have done all the techy and legal stuff here at the workshop, all pre-wired and manufactured to Australian standards- and you know you are in safe and trustworthy hands with RPC who put their money where their mouth is to make their solar products designs and installs second to none.

Too many solar companies these days enter the industry for a quick buck, and then gone when something fails, with one company a week in Australia going under, will it be a company who sold you a cheaper substandard system and install? I hope not, that's why you are better off buying right once, with the locals who you can rely on. RPC have been your solar specialists since 1987, with our new expansion you can expect even greater service for your system requirements. We aren't going anywhere in a hurry.

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