Tesla Powerwall 2 - Solar Battery

Tesla Powerwall 2 - Solar Battery

With twice the power of its predecessor, Powerwall 2 has completely revolutionised the way Australian households use, store and manage their energy, now making it possible to run your household on solar power 24 hours a day. We call it “the off-grid feeling” for grid connected customers.

Rainbow Power Company has led the charge with Tesla's rollout of one of the most exciting products to hit the sustainability market, installing Tesla Powerwall 2 in Northern Rivers and beyond. This experience gives our customers the peace of mind that their installation is backed up with responsive technical support and customer service.

Compact, stackable and with a built-in inverter, Powerwall 2 enables solar households to further reduce their power bill and maximise self-consumption of solar power. In fact, with a capacity of 13.5 kWh, a typical family home will be able to run all evening on stored solar power.

Powerwall 2 comes with complete compatibility with any existing solar system, it also provides backup power for when the grid goes down.

The battery setup comes with a very easy to use monitoring smart phone application allowing you to monitor your electricity consumption, solar production and battery operation.

How would it feel to say goodbye to your power bills?

We now have customers like Tom running their home on solar power 24/7:

'The Tesla is all you said it would be, it is fantastic. Thank you for looking after us, much appreciated.

Regards, Tom'

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