Why Rainbow Power Company?

Why Rainbow Power Company?

We know there are a lot of options out there, so let's delve into why you can trust Rainbow Power Company with your hard earned cash.

We are passionate about affordable solar power and that is one reason why we are still here after 33 years.

With thousands of happy customers spreading the word, we have gone from strength to strength, now manufacturing systems in our workshop 5 days a week with a full team of qualified electricians and installers, we can get you started with one of our popular DIY kits for as little as $2000 and as quickly as next week.

Businesses and grid-connect customers also benefit from our experience, and we can help with a finance option, government incentives and of course after sales care for the life of your system. Why keep paying a power bill when you could be investing in your own power plant.

Rainbow Power Company were the first solar energy provider in the Northern Rivers Rainbow region; we are local and we can be held accountable for our work- unlike many companies who get in and then get out quick, just to make a buck, we are here for the long haul.

Investing in the local area, we support a number of community events and organisations, but we don't stop there; RPC have a long history of participation in solar projects in PNG, the Solomon Islands, and throughout the Pacific region.

From the back of a van, to a market stall, to a little shop front, to today's massive premises and online shop; Our passionate 3 founding members have exploded to 35 employees - the largest employer in Nimbin, with the largest solar powered workshop in the southern hemisphere.

Incorporated in 1987 when there were only 8 solar companies in Australia (now there are 100's) RPC have been instrumental in developing some of the most trusted products in today's market (look out for a revolutionary new product just about to be released!).

Now more than ever we value and foster our founding mission; to turn the tide away from environmental destruction and towards environmental harmony. We trade in only high quality, user friendly, efficient, cost effective products, and our unparalleled commitment to education, demonstration and innovation provides Australia with a display that receives thousands of visitors a year (pre covid). The company's dedicated and experienced workforce, well equipped factory and comprehensive range of products and services have provided us with a strong foundation on which we intend to continue to grow. The company is proud to have a reputation for being one of the largest distributors of quality solar panels and batteries in the country.

With access to the latest technologies and excellent support from our suppliers Rainbow Power Company is able to be competitive in all its products and services, so don't hesitate to compare our quote and shop around- if services and longevity is what you are looking for, we are confident you will come back to us.

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