LED Lamp & Torch "White T-Lite 180" - Built-in Battery - 180 Lumens




White "T-Lite 180" - LED light with built-in lithium-ion battery

The T-Lite is a revolutionary new lighting product developed and manufactured by Sundaya. It can be used as a hanging or standing lamp but also as a torchlight with an ergonomically designed handle. It is operated through a Touch-Switch with dimming function. The light comes with a wrist band [SUN-AC010] to maintain the lamps IP54 enclosure rating when disconnected.

The T-Lite has built-in energy storage & management which allows it to work up to 75 hours (@ 15 Lumens) at any time without a continuous supply of energy. The T-Lite can be supplied/charged with any voltage source from 16 to 21 Volt DC (maximum current: 350mA).

The T-Lite is a member of our j-Power product range and is optimised for use in combination with solar panels with a maximum Power Voltage (Vmpp) of 17.5 Volt. The T-Lite can be connected to solar panels as small as 3.6W, or up to 35 lamps can be connected in parallel to a large 130W panel (solar panel wattage must not exceed 130W).

NOTE: It will not charge properly if run on a solar battery system - it needs to connect directly to a 12 Volt nominal solar panel.

The T-Lite is interchangeable with the Ulitium lamps and takes the same Lithium-ion battery. The T-Lite is also available as complete kit with solar panel and frame, lamp(s), cables and connection hub.

The T-Lite comes with a 4.8m power lead with Bayonet plugs on either end (for use with Sundaya Hub4 or Hub5). International Customers: please contact our office before ordering this product (Lithium battery cannot be posted by air-mail).

- Light output: 15 - 180 Lumen
- 23 times more efficient than incandescent
- 5 times more efficient than compact fluoros
- Dimmable (stepless 180-15Lm)
- battery
nominal voltage: 3.7V
nominal capacity: 4.5A/h (60kJ)
built-in management electronics (no need for separate battery and controller anymore).
- energy consumption:
2.22W @ 180Lm (8kJ/h)
1.11W @ 90Lm (4kJ/h)
0.22W @ 15Lm (0.8kJ/h)
- charging source: nominal 12V solar panel of min. 3.6W or any other 16-21V DC source.
- enclosure protection: IP54 for outdoor use (when plugged in)

We also sell Extensions leads & hub connectors

Also worth noting is the possibility of charging up to 20 T-Lites at once from an 85W panel. Interconnecting cables need to be sized properly for such applications.

Weight: 0.53 Kilograms
Warranty: 1yr
Code: SUN-LTT01W
Price: $71.91