Lorentz PS600C - Submersible Solar Pump - 30m Head

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The PS600-C series is a maintenance-free solar bore pump with a flow rate of up to 11,500 litres per hour. The pump system is typically powered by three solar panels (e.g. Trina Honey Module). Designed for min. 100mm (4 inch) wells.

The centrifugal rotor pump (with brushless DC motor) comes with a UL approved, programmable controller (IP68), housing all electronics and a data module with Bluetooth connection.

A PS600 centrifugal pump delivers about 11,500 litres per hour @ 5 metres head (or 4,000L @ 30m). Read more about Lorentz Centrifugal Solar Pumps or download the spec sheet (downloads tab).

Please also view our Solar Bore Pump System Examples and follow the links for a full system quote.

Weight: 19 Kilograms
Warranty: 2yrs
Code: PMP-LC-0600
Price: $4845.00


Lorentz PS600C - Submersible Solar Pump - 30m Head
Max. total dynamic head30m
Max. flow rate11,500 litres/hour
Solar Operation
Max. power voltage (Vmp)> 68V DC
Open circuit voltage (Voc)max. 150V DC
Nominal voltage48-72V DC
Battery Operation
Nominal voltage48V DC
Pump typeCentrifugal pump
Controller dimensions (mm)207(W) x 352(H) x 124(D)
Controller net weight5.6kg

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