Pulse Width Modulation Regulators - Four Stage Charging

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Premium pulse width modulation (PWM) regulators incorporate the features of the budget PWM regulators with the addition of a LCD display and data logging. More importantly, these solar controllers use a 4 stage charging cycle:

  1. Boost - This function lets the full charge of the solar array through to the batteries, allowing the batteries to be charged as quickly as possible.
  2. Absorption - Absorption slows the charging process down. As the batteries reach full charge, the regulator enables this function to prevent overcharging.
  3. Float - When the regulator is in float mode, the batteries are considered full. The voltage is 'held' at a safe point and no extra charge is let through (unless needed).
  4. Equalisation - Approximately once a month, the regulator slightly overcharges the batteries. This equalising charge allows tiny champagne size bubbles of gas to physically mix up the electrolyte and forces the individual cells of the battery bank to reach an equal level of charge. Equalisation helps prolong battery life.
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Plasmatronics PL20 - LCD Display - 20A
Plasmatronics PL20 with LCD Display - 20 AmpPlasmatronics PL20 regulators are able to log all incoming and outgoing currents to and from your battery bank. 20A Charge - 20A Load.[REG-L20]
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Plasmatronics PL40 - LCD Display - 40A
Plasmatronics PL40 with LCD Display - 40 AmpPlasmatronics PL40 regulators are able to log all incoming and outgoing currents to and from your battery bank. 40A Charge - 7A Load.[REG-L40]
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Plasmatronics PL80 - LCD Display - 80A
Plasmatronics PL80 with LCD Display - 80 AmpPlasmatronics PL80 regulators are able to log all incoming and outgoing currents to and from your battery bank. 80A Charge - 40A Load.[REG-L80]
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Plasmatronics Dingo 20/20 - LCD Display - 20A
Plasmatronics Dingo 20/20 - LCD Display - 20 AmpPlasmatronics regulator for 12V, 24V, 32V, 36V & 48V battery systems. Ideal for RVs, campervans and caravans. High temperature performance.[REG-LD20]
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Plasmatronics Dingo D4040P - LCD Display - 40A
Plasmatronics Dingo D4040P - 40 Amp Load & Charge - 12/24/48VPlasmatronics charge controller for 12V, 24V, 32V, 36V & 48V battery systems. With extended data storage up to 512 days, over-voltage and thermal protection[REG-LD40]
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