Retail Pricelist

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Table of Contents

Batteries - Flooded
BAT-001Trojan 250 Ahr 2 x 6V (T105)$750.00
BAT-001-RETrojan 255 Ahr 2 x 6V (T105) (RE)$891.44
BAT-026Trojan 117 Ahr 12V (27TMX)$413.56
Batteries - Lithium-Ion
BAT-LB02.56BYD 2.5kWh Battery Module$2501.43
BAT-LB04.0BYD 4kWh 48V Lithium Battery LVS IP55$4023.10
BAT-LB15.4BYD 15.4kWh 48V Lithium Battery LVL IP20$16318.98
BAT-LE007Powertech 12.8V 7Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery$79.00
BAT-LE012Powertech 12.8V 12Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery$149.00
BAT-LE018Powertech 12.8V 18Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery$199.00
BAT-LE025Powertech 12.8V 25Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery$299.00
BAT-LE100Powertech 12.8V 100Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery$799.01
BAT-LE120Powertech 12.8V 120Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery$999.00
BAT-LE150Powertech 12.8V 150Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery$1199.00
BAT-LE200Powertech 12.8V 200Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery$1499.00
BAT-LEP01.2Enphase AC Battery 1.2kWh$2550.00
BAT-LG06.5LG Chem 6.5kWh 48V Lithium Pack$7203.91
BAT-LG10LG Chem 10kWh 48V Lithium Pack$8920.00
BAT-LG10HVLG Chem 10kWh 400V Lithium Pack$11533.71
BAT-LP12100Pylontech Battery 12V 100A$1114.28
BAT-LP2.2Pylontech Battery 48V 50A 2.2kW$1944.37
BAT-LP2433PPowerPlus LiFe -24V 3.3kWh LiFePo4 19" Rack Module$3971.20
BAT-LP3.2Pylontech Battery 48V 74A 3.2kW$3054.96
BAT-LP4833PPowerPlus LiFe -48V 3.3kWh LiFePo4 19" Rack Module$4041.05
BAT-LPE4840PPowerPlus LiFe-Eco -48V 4kWh LiFePo4 19" Rack Module$3668.46
BAT-LS02.5Senec 2.5kWh lithium-ion battery module$2669.98
BAT-LS8.5Sonnenschein 48V Nominal 8.5kWh Lithium NMC$9560.62
BAT-LT13.5ACTesla Powerwall 13.5 kWh Lithium Pack AC$13665.39
BAX-BC-IP20BYD Battery Cabinet IP20 Incl BBMU$805.66
BAX-BCSSenec.Home V2 Battery Cabinet$1857.67
Batteries - Sealed AGM
BAT-004SLA Battery 6V 4.5Ah$15.00
BAT-027SLA Battery 12V 9 Ah$33.68
BAT-A12-100Ritar SLA Deep Cycle AGM 12V 100Ah$355.61
BAT-A12-120Ritar SLA Deep Cycle AGM 12V 120Ah$443.47
BAT-A12-150Ritar SLA Deep Cycle AGM 12V 150Ah$617.48
BAT-A12-200Ritar SLA Deep Cycle AGM 12V 200Ah$668.01
BAT-A12-260Ritar SLA Deep Cycle AGM 12V 260Ah$931.84
BAT-A12-33Ritar SLA Deep Cycle AGM 12V 33Ah$145.96
BAT-A12-45Ritar SLA Deep Cycle AGM 12V 45Ah$185.25
BAT-A12-55Ritar SLA Deep Cycle AGM 12V 55Ah$227.77
BAT-A12-75Ritar SLA Deep Cycle AGM 12V 75Ah$352.00
BAT-L260Leoch 260Ah 2 x 6V VRLA Deep Cycle$994.46
BAT-L390Leoch 390Ah 2 x 6V VRLA Deep.. Cycle$1502.81
Batteries - Sealed Gel
BAT-B0280BAE Secura 12V 279Ah 2x6V VRLA Gel$2182.28
BAT-B0350BAE Secura 12V 350Ah 2x6V VRLA Gel$2330.48
BAT-B0420BAE Secura 12V 421Ah 2x6V VRLA Gel$3308.87
BAT-B0550BAE Secura 12V 583Ah 6x2V VRLA Gel$3313.88
BAT-B0660BAE Secura 12V 686Ah 6x2V VRLA Gel$3815.82
BAT-B0770BAE Secura 12V 788Ah 6x2V VRLA Gel$4338.30
BAT-B0900BAE Secura 12V 968Ah 6x2V VRLA Gel$4911.93
BAT-B1050BAE Secura 12V 1140Ah 6x2V VRLA Gel$6366.59
BAT-B1200BAE Secura 12V 1280Ah 6x2V VRLA Gel$6899.31
BAT-B1350BAE Secura 12V 1450Ah 6x2V VRLA Gel$7759.81
BAT-B1500BAE Secura 12V 1600Ah 6x2V VRLA Gel$8251.44
BAT-B1800BAE Secura 12V 1900Ah 6x2V VRLA Gel$9562.75
BAT-B2280BAE Secura 12V 2230Ah 6x2V VRLA Gel$11093.86
BAT-B3040BAE Secura 12V 3000Ah 6x2V VRLA Gel$14932.83
BAT-B3800BAE Secura 12V 3750Ah 6x2V VRLA Gel$18777.08
BAT-B4180BAE Secura 12V 4220Ah 6x2V VRLA Gel$20487.89
BAT-B4940BAE Secura 12V 4710Ah 6x2V VRLA Gel$23094.84
Battery Accessories
BAX-002Battery Box Power Centre$88.00
BAX-003Battery Terminal Shroud Red OR Black. Each.$2.20
BAX-009Hydrometer (Gefo) (High Quality) 180mm tip$22.00
BAX-012Battery Clips - 50A (sheathed) Pair$5.00
BAX-033Battery Tray 710 x 450 x 95mm External (Suit 24V Leoch 260 & 390Ah)$33.00
BAX-110Battery Isolator Smart Start 12V 100A (Redarc)$180.00
BAX-223Battery Charge Equaliser 24V-12V 25A$535.00
BAX-304Battery Strap 330mm 16mm2 (16/8)$13.34
BAX-308Battery Strap 210mm 35mm2 (35/8)$15.25
BAX-309Battery Strap 280mm 35mm2 (35/8) For RE's$16.27
BAX-311Battery Strap 350mm 35mm2 (35/8)$17.29
BAX-312Battery Leads (10mm2) 2 x 1.5m single Lug (10/8)$28.08
BAX-313Battery Leads (16mm2) 2 x 1.5m single Lug (16/8)$35.52
BAX-314Battery Leads (25mm2) 2 x 1.5m single Lug (25/8)$48.58
BAX-330Battery Leads (35mm2) 2 x 1.5m with Lugs (35/8)$62.17
BAX-350Battery Leads (50mm2) 2 x 1.5m with Lugs (50/8 & 50/10)$78.11
BAX-370Battery Leads (70mm2) 2 x 1.5m with Lugs (70/8 & 70/10)$95.59
BAX-B12LBattery Box 12V Large$580.81
BAX-B12MBattery Box 12V Medium$453.53
BAX-B12SBattery Box 12V Small - Trojan 250Ah$242.77
BAX-B24LBattery Box 24V Large$838.63
BAX-B24MBattery Box 24V Medium$596.81
BAX-B24SBattery Box 24V Small - Trojan 250Ah$430.63
BAX-B48LBattery Box 48V Large$1210.20
BAX-B48MBattery Box 48V Medium$805.98
BAX-B48XLBattery Box 48V Extra Large$1509.29
BAX-BBMUBYD Battery Management Unit$450.00
BAX-BC-IP20BYD Battery Cabinet IP20 Incl BBMU$805.66
BAX-BCP-IP55Pylontech Battery Cabinet IP55$2100.10
BAX-BCSSenec.Home V2 Battery Cabinet$1857.67
BAX-EP450Enphase 450mm AC Battery Bracket$105.37
BAX-EP600Enphase 600mm AC Battery Bracket$105.00
BAX-LVL-BBMUBYD LVL Battery Management Unit$315.01
BAX-LVS-BBMUBYD LVS Battery Management Unit$296.13
BAX-P020Pylontech Battery Stack Bracket (Pair)$98.47
BAX-P030Pylontech Cable Kit$92.05
BAX-T02Tesla Gateway 2$2420.00
BAX-V003Victron Low Voltage Dis-connect 12/24V 100A$97.26
BAX-V004Victron Low Voltage Dis-connect 12/24V 220A$160.08
BAX-V010Victron Smart Battery Sensor 12/24/48V$48.63
BAX-V020Victron 12/24V 120A Intelligent Battery Combiner$72.95
BAX-V022Victron 12/24V 120A Intelligent Battery Combiner Kit$145.89
BAX-V024Victron 12/24V 230A Intelligent Battery Combiner$181.37
FUS-P010Pylontech Projoy 160V 125A MCB$134.28
INX-V100-ZBRVictron ZigBee to RS485 converter$185.42
Battery Chargers
BCH-VB1230-SVictron Blue Smart 12V 30A Automatic Charger IP22$339.05
BCH-VB2416-SVictron Blue Smart 24V 16A Automatic Charger IP22$346.50
BCH-VC1260Victron Centaur Battery Charger 12Volt 60Amp C/- with 1.5m of 25mm Battery Leads & 8mm Lugs & 2m AC $907.41
BCH-VS2450Victron Skylla 24Volt 50Amp 3 Stage Automatic Charger C/- with 1.5m of 16mm Battery Leads & 8mm Lugs$1196.41
BCH-VS4825Victron Skylla 48Volt 25Amp 3 Stage Automatic Charger C/- with 1.5m of 10mm Battery Leads & 8mm Lugs$1493.66
BCH-VS4850Victron Skylla 48Volt 50Amp 3 Stage Automatic Charger C/- with 1.5m of 16mm Battery Leads & 8mm Lugs$2575.68
Battery Inverters
INV-LS0512Latronics Sine Wave 12V 500/1500W$990.00
INV-LS0624Latronics Sine Wave 24V 600/2000W$1045.00
INV-LS0648Latronics Sine Wave 48V 600/2000W$1232.00
INV-LS1012Latronics Sine Wave 12V 1000/3000W$1617.00
INV-LS1224Latronics Sine Wave 24V 1200/3600W$1661.00
INV-LS1248Latronics Sine Wave 48V 1200/3600W$1881.00
INV-LS1512Latronics Sine Wave 12V 1500/4500W$2057.00
INV-LS1824Latronics Sine Wave 24V 1800/5400W$2145.00
INV-LS1848Latronics Sine Wave 48V 1800/5400W$2332.00
INV-LS2012Latronics Sine Wave 12V 2000/6000W$2970.00
INV-LS2324Latronics Sine Wave 24V 2300/7000W$2970.00
INV-LS2548Latronics Sine Wave 48V 2500/7500W$3069.00
INV-LS3024Latronics Sine Wave 24V 3000/9000W$3377.00
INV-LS3548Latronics Sine Wave 48V 3500/10500W$3883.00
INV-LS4024Latronics Sine Wave 24V 4000/12000W$4609.00
INV-LS5048Latronics Sine Wave 48V 5000/15000W$5148.00
INV-LS7048Latronics Sine Wave 48V 7000/20000W$6259.00
INV-V12-00250Victron Phoenix Inverter 12/250VA 230V VE.Direct 200W Cont.$139.50
INV-V12-00375Victron Phoenix Inverter 12/375VA - 230V VE.Direct 300W Cont.$190.57
INV-V12-00500Victron Phoenix Inverter 12/500VA - 230V VE.Direct 400W Cont.$290.79
INV-V12-00800Victron Phoenix Inverter 12/800VA - 230V VE.Direct 650W Cont.$374.73
INV-V12-01200Victron Phoenix Inverter 12/1200VA 230V VE.Direct 1000W Cont.$578.44
INV-V12-01600SVictron Phoenix Inverter 12/1600VA 230V VE.Direct Smart$1032.99
INV-V12-02000SVictron Phoenix Inverter 12/2000VA 230V VE.Direct Smart$1230.46
INV-V24-00250Victron Phoenix Inverter 24/250VA 230V VE.Direct 200W Cont.$155.02
INV-V24-00500Victron Phoenix Inverter 24/500VA - 230V VE.Direct 400W Cont.$290.79
INV-V24-00800Victron Phoenix Inverter 24/800VA - 230V VE.Direct 650W Cont.$374.73
INV-V24-01200Victron Phoenix Inverter 24/1200VA 230V VE.Direct 1000W Cont.$642.70
INV-V24-01600SVictron Phoenix Inverter 24/1600VA 230V VE.Direct Smart$1089.80
INV-V24-02000SVictron Phoenix Inverter 24/2000VA 230V VE.Direct Smart$1166.18
INV-V24-03000SVictron Phoenix Inverter 24/3000VA 230V VE.Direct Smart$1655.20
INV-V48-02000SVictron Phoenix Inverter 48/2000VA 230V VE.Direct Smart$1166.18
INV-V48-03000SVictron Phoenix Inverter 48/2000VA 230V VE.Direct Smart$1411.16
Books on Solar Power
PRN-010Book - Understanding Renewable Energy Systems$41.65
Compost Toilets
TLT-004ENature Flush Enzymes 1 Litre Bottle$40.00
TLT-004MNature Quick Microbes 1 bag$21.00
TLT-006Transformer for Fans 230V AC to 12V DC .4A$33.00
TLT-011Extraction Fan 100mm 12V For Nature Loo (2W)$47.00
TLT-012Extraction Fan 100mm 24V For Nature Loo (5W)$47.00
TLT-013100mm Pipe Housing for 120mm Square Fan$96.00
DIY Solar Kits
SKM-012ARainbow Power Pouch 175W Panel & 120Ah AGM Battery$713.00
SKM-V021Rainbow Power Cube 370W Panel & 260Ah Battery$1985.00
AIR-01412V Oscillating Fan 1.2A 200mm$33.00
AIR-01524V Oscillating Fan 0.7A 200mm$33.00
AIR-C12Extraction Fan 120mm 12V 4.2W 2500rpm (Ceramic Brg)$29.00
AIR-C24Extraction Fan 120mm 24V 4.3W 2500rpm (Ceramic Brg)$29.00
AIX-001Guard for AIR-C12/C24 120mm$5.00
AIX-002Pair Of Flanges for AIR-C12/C24 Suit 100mm Pipe$18.00
AIX-007Vent 130mm x 130mm$33.00
Fluoro Tubes & Inverters
LIT-018Fluoro Tube 18W Cool Daylight 600mm$7.70
SUN-LT08Fluoro Tube Philips TLD 6/10W For A Light$2.20
GEN-PP0400-2Pramac ES4000 2.6kW Petrol Recoil Start Generator$1875.00
Globes - Fluoro Compact ~ E17
NINVUlux/Qlite 1000 Fluoro E17 18W Cool White 12V (SUN-LT418C)$9.90
NINVUlite 120 Fluoro E17 3W Warm White 12V (SUN-LT303W)$2.99
NINVUlite 120 Fluoro E17 3W Cool White 12V (SUN-LT303C)$2.99
Globes - Fluoro Compact ~ E27
NINVCCFL Flexi-Bright 12V 7W E27 Reflector (LIT-CE107R)$14.99
Globes - Halogen
LIT-031Halogen Bulb - 2 Pin (G6.35) - 12V 50W$4.40
Globes - Incandescent
SUN-LT02PLumi Purple Night Light 0.5W/2W 12V$8.00
SUN-LT02RLumi Red Night Light 0.5W/2W 12V$8.00
SUN-LT02WLumi White Night Light 0.5W/2W 12V$8.00
Hardware - Cable Accessories
PRN-905Sign PV Green Reflective Fire Emergency (self adhesive) 75mm Dia.$3.30
SLX-002-2Deks Roof Penetration Seal 0-35mm X 2 incl Screws and Sealer$22.00
SLX-003Dektite NuLead 8-30mm Black EPDM$55.00
SLX-008Cobalt Solar Tile Roof Entry Gland Black$43.70
SLX-118Genuine MC4 In Line Fuse 1500V 15A IP67$33.00
WRX-009-2020mm Cable Gland Entry$1.10
WRX-009-2525mm Cable Gland Entry$1.50
WRX-C20A20mm Conduit Adaptor with Lock Ring$2.75
WRX-C20E20mm Conduit Elbow$4.40
WRX-C20J20mm Conduit Joiner HD$1.10
WRX-C20MS20mm Conduit Metal Half Saddle Zinc Plated.$0.45
WRX-C20MSSS20mm Metal Half Saddle 316 Stainless Steel$3.30
WRX-C25/20Conduit Reducer 25/20$3.00
WRX-C25A25mm Conduit Adaptor with Lock Ring$3.30
WRX-C25E25mm Conduit Elbow$5.50
WRX-C25J25mm Conduit Joiner HD$2.20
WRX-C25MS25mm Conduit Metal Half Saddle Zinc Plated$0.55
WRX-C25MSSS25mm Metal Half Saddle 316 Stainless Steel$3.30
WRX-CC12Cable Clips 12mm 2.5mm 2 Core & E (500 jar)$14.00
WRX-CC14Cable Clips 14mm 4mm 2 Core & E (500 jar)$15.00
Hardware - Cables
PMP-S04-P06Poly-Propylene Rope 8 sq mm (metre)$1.10
PMX-W02/4.0Drop Cable 4mm sq, 2 core (per metre) Suit Aquatec/9325 Bore Pumps$5.68
RGX-V116-2Cat 5e Cable 2M RJ45$5.46
SLX-018(4mm) Solar Cable Metre One Core$3.30
SLX-018-T(4mm) Solar Cable Metre Twin Core$4.54
SLX-019(6mm) Solar Cable Metre One Core$4.40
SLX-019-T(6mm) Solar Cable Metre Twin Core$7.32
WIR-101Twin 0.44 sq mm [Figure 8] (100m)$44.00
WIR-105Twin 4.59 sq mm Auto [2x65/0.30] (100m)$375.00
WIR-106Twin 2.9 sq mm Auto [2x41/0.30] (100m)$260.00
WIR-109BSingle 7.9 sq mm Black Auto [112/0.30] (100m)$312.00
WIR-109RSingle 7.9 sq mm Red Auto [112/0.30] (100m)$312.00
WIR-110BSingle 13.58 sq mm Black Auto [192/0.30] (100m)$520.00
WIR-110RSingle 13.58 sq mm Red Auto [192/0.30] (100m)$520.00
WIR-305Twin 4.59 sq mm Auto [2x65/0.30] (30m)$115.00
WIR-306Twin 2.9 sq mm Auto [2x41/0.30] (30m)$78.00
WIR-309BSingle 7.9 sq mm Black Auto [112/0.30] (30m)$112.00
WIR-309RSingle 7.9 sq mm Red Auto [112/0.30] (30m)$112.00
WIR-310BSingle 13.58 sq mm Black Auto [192/0.30] (30m)$156.00
WIR-310RSingle 13.58 sq mm Red Auto [192/0.30] (30m)$156.00
WIR-326BSingle 25.72 sq mm Black Auto [364/0.3] (30m)$275.00
WIR-326RSingle 25.72 sq mm Red Auto [364/0.3] (30m)$275.00
WIR-336BSingle 32.15 sq mm Black Auto [455/0.30] (30m)$352.00
WIR-336RSingle 32.15 sq mm Red Auto [455/0.30] (30m)$352.00
WIR-349BSingle 49.45 sq mm Black Auto [700/0.3] (30m)$532.00
WIR-349RSingle 49.45 sq mm Red Auto [700/0.3] (30m)$532.00
WIR-370BSingle 64sq mm Black Auto [910/0.3] (30m)$850.00
WIR-370RSingle 64sq mm Red Auto [910/0.3] (30m)$850.00
WIR-M09BSingle 7.9 sq mm Black Auto [1x112/0.30] (metre)$3.75
WIR-M09RSingle 7.9 sq mm Red Auto [1x112/0.30] (metre)$3.75
WIR-M10BSingle 13.58 sq mm Black Auto [192/0.30] (metre)$6.25
WIR-M10RSingle 13.58 sq mm Red Auto [190/0.30] (metre)$6.25
WIR-M26BSingle 25.72 sq mm Black Auto (metre)$11.00
WIR-M26RSingle 25.72 sq mm Red Auto (metre)$11.00
WIR-M36BSingle 32.15 sq mm Black Auto (metre)$14.00
WIR-M36RSingle 32.15 sq mm Red Auto (metre)$14.00
WIR-M49BSingle 49.45 sq mm Black Auto (metre)$22.00
WIR-M49RSingle 49.45 sq mm Red Auto (metre)$22.00
WIR-M70BSingle 64sq mm Black Auto [910/0.3] (metre)$35.00
WIR-M70RSingle 64sq mm Red Auto [910/0.3] (metre)$35.00
Hardware - Distribution Boxes
BO-0014 Pole Din Enclosure IP66 Lockable$44.00
BO-0502 Pole Dist Box$8.00
BO-051-2408 Pole Dist Box IP55 Rated$44.00
BO-051-240-WP8 Pole Dist Box IP65 Rated$90.00
BO-0524 Pole Distribution Box$10.00
BO-055-24024 Pole Dist Box for 230Vac$100.00
BO-44207Gewiss PVC Weatherproof Box 190 x 140 x 70 IP56$55.00
Hardware - Fuses & Breakers
FPV-D001Fuse Holder - 1000 VDC Din-Rail 10 x 38mm Single Pole$18.00
FPV-D011000 VDC 1A 10 x 38 Fuse (Holder FPV-D001)$18.00
FPV-D08900 VDC 8A 10 x 38 Fuse (Holder FPV-D001)$18.00
FPV-D10900 VDC 10A 10 x 38 Fuse (Holder FPV-D001)$18.00
FPV-D121000 VDC 12A 10 x 38 Fuse (Holder FPV-D001)$18.00
FPV-D15900 VDC 15A 10 x 38 Fuse (Holder FPV-D001)$18.00
FUS-005Fuse Blade 1A To 40A$1.10
FUS-006Holder - In Line For Glass Fuse (3AG)$3.50
FUS-007Stackable Standard Blade Fuse Holder$3.95
FUS-007-WPWeatherproof Holder for Blade Fuse$5.50
FUS-008Holder Block - 6 Way - Suit Blade Fuses$12.95
FUS-00910 Way Blade Fuse Block with LED Indicators$20.00
FUS-020ANL Fuse Holder (Req FUS-022 or FUS-024)$23.00
FUS-022100 Amp ANL Fuse$6.60
FUS-024150 Amp ANL Fuse$6.60
FUS-030Holder - HRC Fuse (suit- FUS-042/43/44)$22.00
FUS-039HRC 63A Fuse - (holder FUS-041)$16.50
FUS-040HRC 40A Fuse - (holder FUS-041)$16.50
FUS-042HRC 16A Fuse - (holder FUS-030)$16.50
FUS-043HRC 25A Fuse - (holder FUS-030)$16.50
FUS-044HRC 32A Fuse - (holder FUS-030)$16.50
FUS-060HRC 60A Fuse - (holder FUS-081/082) [56.5 x 29.8mm]$12.10
FUS-080HRC 80A Fuse - (holder FUS-081/082) [56.5 x 29.8mm]$12.10
FUS-081Holder - HRC Fuse Front Entry (suit FUS-060/080/100)$28.00
FUS-082Holder - HRC Fuse Back Entry (FUS-060/080/100)$24.20
FUS-100HRC 100A Fuse (holder FUS-081/082) [56.5 x 29.8mm]$12.10
FUS-300Holder/Switch - Triple HRC FuseMaster NH00$88.00
FUS-3100HRC 100A Fuse - (holder FUS-300)$11.00
FUS-3125HRC 125A Fuse - (holder FUS-300)$11.00
FUS-3160HRC 160A Fuse - (Holder FUS-300)$11.00
FUS-340HRC 40A Fuse - (holder FUS-300)$11.00
FUS-363HRC 63A Fuse - (holder FUS-300)$11.00
FUS-380HRC 80A Fuse - (holder FUS-300)$11.00
FUS-400Holder/Switch - Triple HRC Fuse NH1 250A$156.79
FUS-404040A NH1 Fuse (500V)$33.00
FUS-408080A NH1 Fuse (500V)$33.00
FUS-4100100A NH1 Fuse (500V)$33.00
FUS-4125125A NH1 Fuse (500V)$33.00
FUS-4160160A NH1 Fuse (500V)$33.00
FUS-4200200A NH1 Fuse (500V)$33.00
FUS-4250250A NH1 Fuse (500V)$33.00
FUS-510012 Way Fuse Distribution Box (Suit Blade Fuses and Breakers)$55.00
FUS-5110Blade Style Circuit Bkr Auto Re-set 10A$5.50
FUS-5120Blade Style Circuit Bkr Auto Re-set 20A$5.50
FUS-5210Blade Style Circuit Bkr Manual Re-set 10A$5.50
FUS-5220Blade Style Circuit Bkr Manual Re-set 20A$5.50
FUS-B1010A RCD Circuit Breaker Combination 2 pole + N 4.5Ka Hager$64.00
FUS-B10-1PRCBO Safety Switch MCB 10A Single Pole$57.00
FUS-B16-1PRCBO Safety Switch MCB 16A Single Pole$57.00
FUS-B16-DC16A RCD Circuit Breaker Combination 1 pole + N 4.5Ka Hager (A Type)$210.00
FUS-B20-1PRCBO Safety Switch MCB 20A Single Pole$57.00
FUS-B20-DC20A RCD Circuit Breaker Combination 1 pole + N 4.5Ka Hager (A Type)$210.00
FUS-C02Circuit Breaker 2A 10kA Single Pole Hager$17.28
FUS-C04Circuit Breaker 4A 6kA Single Pole Hager$17.28
FUS-C06Circuit Breaker 6A 6kA Single Pole Hager$7.30
FUS-C10Circuit Breaker 10A 6kA Single Pole Hager$7.52
FUS-C13Circuit Breaker 13A 6kA Single Pole Hager$7.00
FUS-C16Circuit Breaker 16A 6kA Single Pole Hager$7.00
FUS-C20Circuit Breaker 20A 6kA Single Pole Hager$7.00
FUS-C25Circuit Breaker 25A 6kA Single Pole Hager$7.30
FUS-C32Circuit Breaker 32A 6kA Single Pole Hager$7.52
FUS-C40Circuit Breaker 40A 6kA Single Pole Hager$8.22
FUS-C50Circuit Breaker 50A 6kA Single Pole Hager$13.00
FUS-C63Circuit Breaker 63A 6kA Single Pole Hager$13.60
FUS-C63-DC800ABB 800V 63A Double Pole MCB$288.00
FUS-V0125Mega Fuse 125A$48.96
SLX-118Genuine MC4 In Line Fuse 1500V 15A IP67$33.00
Hardware - Junction Boxes
CON-001Junction Box - 30A$11.00
CON-006Link - Black 7 Hole$19.80
CON-007Link - Red 7 Hole$19.80
CON-008Junction Box - Large 40A$4.75
CON-008-1Junction Box - Large 40A With Electrical Connectors$4.50
CON-V101Victron Lynx Power In$240.28
LYF-005Ceiling Rose$9.00
Hardware - Labels & Signs
PRN-011Label - Marking Tape "Warning Solar DC" Red or Yellow.$16.00
PRN-800-AStandard Off Grid Label Kit$18.19
PRN-801-1Sign - Shutdown Procedure (engraved) - Off-Grid 150mm x 100mm$19.00
PRN-803Sign - Spark Hazard (engraved) - 60 x 110mm$19.00
PRN-805Sign - Main Battery Isolator (engraved) 75 x 15mm$5.50
PRN-807Sign - Unit Programmed for Off Grid 15 x 60mm Engraved$5.50
PRN-816Sign - Battery Warning - Electrolyte Burns - Green$9.00
PRN-817Sign - Battery Warning - No Smoking , Sparks, Naked Flames$10.00
PRN-900-AStandard On Grid Label Kit$18.17
PRN-901-1Sign - Warning: Multiple Supplies (engraved) 100 x 33mm$9.00
PRN-903Sign - Solar DC (engraved) 40 x 20mm$5.50
PRN-905Sign PV Green Reflective Fire Emergency (self adhesive) 75mm Dia.$3.30
PRN-906Sign - Warning PV Isolators (Yellow) 100 x 30mm$5.50
PRN-908Sign - Solar Array On Roof (engraved) 100 x 50mm$11.00
PRN-910Sign- Normal Supply Main Switch (engraved) 20 x 20mm$5.50
PRN-911Sign - Solar Supply Main Switch (engraved) 20 x 20mm$5.50
PRN-912Sign - Warning Multiple DC Sources (engraved) 100 x 30mm$5.50
PRN-913Sign - Earth Fault Alarm (engraved) 70 x 30mm$5.50
PRN-915Sign - Shutdown Procedure - Grid-Tie (engraved) 100 x 75mm$11.00
PRN-916Sign - Solar Array DC Isolator -(engraved) 40 x 20mm$5.50
PRN-917Sign - AC Isolator (engraved) 30 x 20mm$5.50
PRN-918Sign - Solar Array String Fusing Under Panel (engraved) 60 x 30mm$5.50
PRN-922Sign - Energy Storage Warning Label (Powerwall) (engraved)$11.00
PRN-923Sign - Energy Storage Warning Label (LG Chem) (engraved)$11.00
PRN-924Sign - Energy Storage Warning Label (Lithium Iron Phosphate) (engraved) 100x67mm$11.00
PRN-925Sign - Battery Storage Main Switch (engraved) 20 x 20mm$5.50
PRN-930Sign - Demand Response Mode (engraved) 100 x 30mm$5.50
Hardware - Lugs & Terminals
CON-002Connector Strip 5A$2.20
CON-003Connector Strip 15A$4.40
CON-004Connector Strip 60A$10.00
CON-005Connector Strip 30A$6.50
CON-006Link - Black 7 Hole$19.80
CON-007Link - Red 7 Hole$19.80
CON-009Connector - Insulated 2 x 6mm$1.10
CON-010Connector - Insulated 2 x 16mm$3.00
CON-011Connector - Insulated 2 x 35mm$8.80
CON-012Link - Red 12 Hole$33.00
CON-013Link - Black 12 Hole$33.00
CON-017Brass Link Bar 6x6mm 2x8.5mm Holes$18.00
CON-018Link Stand Off c/w 5mm Thread$5.50
LUF-0204Forked Lug 2mm Cable 4mm Stud$0.55
LUF-023.5Forked Lug 2mm Cable 3.5mm Stud$0.55
LUF-0405Forked Lug 4mm Cable 5mm Stud$0.55
LUF-0406Forked Lug 5mm Cable 6mm Stud$1.10
LUG-0405Lug 4mm Cable 5mm Stud$1.10
LUG-0406Lug 4mm Cable 6mm Stud$1.10
LUG-0408Lug 4mm Cable 8mm Stud$1.10
LUG-0410Lug 4mm Cable 10mm Stud$1.10
LUG-0605Lug 6mm Cable 5mm Stud$1.10
LUG-0606Lug 6mm Cable 6mm Stud$1.10
LUG-0608Lug 6mm Cable 8mm Stud$1.10
LUG-0610Lug 6mm Cable 10mm Stud$1.10
LUG-1006Lug 10mm Cable 6mm Stud$1.10
LUG-1008Lug 10mm Cable 8mm Stud$1.10
LUG-1010Lug 10mm Cable 10mm Stud$1.10
LUG-1012Lug 10mm Cable 12mm Stud$1.10
LUG-1606Lug 16mm Cable 6mm Stud$1.10
LUG-1608Lug 16mm Cable 8mm Stud$1.10
LUG-1610Lug 16mm Cable 10mm Stud$1.10
LUG-2506Lug 25mm Cable 6mm Stud$2.75
LUG-2508Lug 25mm Cable 8mm Stud$2.75
LUG-2510Lug 25mm Cable 10mm Stud$2.75
LUG-2512Lug 25mm Cable 12mm Stud$2.75
LUG-3506Lug 35mm Cable 6mm Stud$2.75
LUG-3508Lug 35mm Cable 8mm Stud$2.75
LUG-3510Lug 35mm Cable 10mm Stud$2.75
LUG-3512Lug 35mm Cable 12mm Stud$2.75
LUG-5008Lug 50mm Cable 8mm Stud$2.75
LUG-5010Lug 50mm Cable 10mm Stud$2.75
LUG-5012Lug 50mm Cable 12mm Stud$2.75
LUG-7008Lug 70mm Cable 8mm Stud$3.30
LUG-7010Lug 70mm Cable 10mm Stud$3.30
LUG-7012Lug 70mm Cable12mm Stud$3.30
LUG-P35Pin Terminal Crimp Type 35mm$2.20
LUG-P50Pin Terminal Crimp Type 50mm$3.30
LYF-005Ceiling Rose$9.00
WRX-B0075Wire End Terminal Suit 0.75 sq mm Uninsulated$0.15
WRX-B02Wire End Terminal Suit 1.84 sq mm Uninsulated$0.25
WRX-B03Wire End Terminal Suit 2.9 sq mm Uninsulated$0.25
WRX-B05Wire End Terminal Suit 4.59 sq mm Uninsulated$0.25
WRX-B07Wire End Terminal Suit 7.9 sq mm Uninsulated$0.30
WRX-B15Wire End Terminal Suit 13.58 sq mm Uninsulated$0.30
WRX-B25Wire End Terminal Suit 25.7 sq mm Uninsulated$0.40
WRX-B36Wire End Terminal Suit 32.15 sq mm Uninsulated$0.40
WRX-B50Wire End Terminal Suit 49.2 sq mm Uninsulated$2.75
WRX-J01.5Joiner - 1-1.5mm Cable$1.10
WRX-J02.5Joiner - 2.5mm Cable$1.10
WRX-J05Joiner - 4.9mm Cable$2.20
WRX-J07Joiner - 7.9mm Cable$2.20
WRX-J14Joiner - 13.58mm Cable$2.20
WRX-J25Joiner - 25.72mm Cable$3.30
WRX-J32Joiner - 32.15mm Cable$3.30
WRX-J50Joiner - 49.20mm Cable$3.30
WRX-J70Joiner - 70mm Cable$4.40
Hardware - Plugs & Sockets
PLG-0023.1A Dual USB Car Adaptor$10.00
PLG-003Plug - Large 2 Pin Polarised 12-32V 15A$15.00
PLG-006Plug 230V 3 Pin Plug 10A (Clear)$4.40
PLG-020Narva Cigarette/Merit Plug Fused C/- Indicator LED$11.00
PLG-02220A Cigarette Plug with 30cm Lead$9.90
PLG-A05050A High Current "Anderson Type" Connector$6.60
PLG-A120120A High Current "Anderson Type" Connector$28.95
PLG-A175175A High Current "Anderson Type" Connector$37.95
PWP-001Power Point 230V 10A Din Rail Mount$43.67
PWP-007Power Point DC 2 Pin 12-32V Unswitched 15A$20.00
PWP-009Single Power Point 230V 10A 3 Pin Single Switched$16.00
PWP-010-10Double Power Point 10A 3 pin Single Pole Switched$8.00
PWP-011Mounting Block for PWP-010$5.50
PWP-013Mounting Block Solid Back For PWP-010$8.80
SKT-006Socket 230V 3 Pin 230V Cord (Clear)$10.14
SKT-007Socket 230V 15Amp 3 Pin Cord (Clear)$29.08
SKT-008Socket DC 2 Pin 12-32V Cord Ext.$25.00
SKT-013Cigarette Lighter Socket - Single$4.70
SKT-020High Current Cigarette Socket C/- 1M Lead & Dust Cover$15.00
SKT-022Cigarette Socket C/- 45CM Lead & Croc Clips$9.90
SKT-024Cigarette Socket Single Surface Mount$19.80
SKT-026Cigarette Socket Double Surface Mount$33.00
SKT-027Dual USB - Panel Mount$26.00
SKT-028Cigarette Socket - Dual USB - Surface Mount$33.00
SKT-029Merit Socket Single Panel Mount$19.80
SKT-030Cigarette Socket with Twin USB Panel Mount$33.00
SLX-110Genuine MC4 Plug (3-6mm OD)$5.50
SLX-112Genuine MC4 Socket (3-6mm OD)$6.60
SLX-114Genuine MC4 Branch Plug 2M to 1F$20.00
SLX-116Genuine MC4 Branch Socket 2F to 1M$20.00
SLX-118Genuine MC4 In Line Fuse 1500V 15A IP67$33.00
Hardware - Solar Frames
SFR-CP010Clenergy PV-ezRack ezShade Double Bay Car Port$5810.49
SFR-E1050-FLezRack 1.10m rail + 30-46mm clamp kit flat$49.43
SFR-E1050-TEezRack 1.10m rail + 30-46mm clamp kit tiles$83.41
SFR-E1050-TT30ezRack 1.10m rail + 30-46mm clamp kit 15-30 Tilt$109.79
SFR-E1050-TT60ezRack 1.10m rail + 30-46mm clamp kit 30-60 Tilt$111.87
SFR-E2100-35-FLezRack 2.2m rail + 30-46mm clamp kit flat$94.71
SFR-E2100-35-TEezRack 2.2m rail + 30-46mm clamp kit tiles$151.27
SFR-E2100-35-TT30ezRack 2.2m rail + 30-46mm clamp kit 15-30 Tilt$155.07
SFR-E2100-35-TT60ezRack 2.2m rail + 30-46mm clamp kit 30-60 Tilt$157.15
SFR-E4200-STIIISolarTerrace III - 4.2m 30deg Tilt Ground Mount Kit with Anchors$2226.61
SFR-E4T250-FLezRack 4 x 60/120 Cell Module Flat Mount Frame Kit$177.51
SFR-E4T250-TEezRack 4 x 60/120 Cell Module Tile Mount Frame Kit$268.05
SFR-E4T250-TT30ezRack 4 x 60/120 Cell Module 15-30 Tilt Mount Frame Kit$298.22
SFR-E4T250-TT60ezRack 4 x 60/120 Cell Module 30-60 Tilt Mount Frame Kit$302.39
SFR-E5200-STIIISolarTerrace III - 5.2m 30deg Tilt Ground Mount Kit with Anchors$2420.12
SFR-E5T210-TRISolarTripod - 4 x 60/120 Cell Module - 30 Degree Tilt - Flat Roof Kit$516.95
SFR-E6100-STIIISolarTerrace III - 6.1m 30deg Tilt Ground Mount Kit with Anchors$3418.53
SFR-PT1Pole Mount Single Panel 2400mm Post$411.36
SFR-PT2Pole Mount 2 x T300 2400mm Post$866.00
SFR-PT3Pole Mount 3 x T300 2600mm Post$970.28
SFR-PT4Pole Mount 4 x T300 2700mm Post$1006.62
SFR-PT6Pole Mount 6 x T300 3000mm Post$2183.76
SFR-PT8Pole Mount 8 x T300 3100mm Post$2197.45
SFX-002ZJ Beni Roof Top AC Isolator Protection Bracket$12.40
SFX-003PGK Roof Top Isolator Cover$16.25
SFX-004Clenergy RTI cover C/- Z Module$20.00
SFX-ER-3046ECICClerergy combination 30/46mm Inner and End Clamp incl E Washer$3.66
SFX-ER-ECO-4400Clenergy ezRack ECO Rail Pair 4400mm (suit 4 modules @ 1010 mm)$103.20
SFX-ER-GLGround Lug ezRack$5.40
SFX-ER-IK-01"Tile" Portrait Roof Hook Kit - 6 x Tile Brackets$68.40
SFX-ER-IK-05CA"L" -Foot Clenergy ezRack x 10$29.60
SFX-ER-KLIKlip Lok Interface Kit x 10 Brackets & Fittings$90.01
SFX-ER-PPuck for "L" Feet$2.00
SFX-ER-PB-EW.8Earth Washer 0.8mm$0.54
SFX-ER-R-2560Clenergy ezRack Rail Pair 2560mm (suit 3 modules @ 826mm)$64.20
SFX-ER-R-ECO-4200Clenergy ezRack ECO Rail Pair 4200mm (suit 4 modules @ 996 mm)$90.66
SFX-ER-SP-ECO"Splice" (1 splice joins 2 rails) Pair Clenergy ezRack ECO Rails$6.20
SFX-ER-TL15/3015-30 deg Tilt Kit Adjustable ( 1 x front foot + 1 x rear leg and foot) Clenergy ezRack$36.10
SFX-ER-TL30/6030-60 deg Tilt Kit Adjustable ( 1 x front foot + 1 x rear leg and foot) Clenergy ezRack$37.14
SFX-ERZEZrack Z Module (Wiget) C/- Bolt & Washer$1.12
Hardware - Switches
FPV-S003ZJ Beny DC Isolator Switch 4P 32A 1000V IP66$43.39
FPV-S004PGK DC Isolator Switch 1200V 4P 32A IP66 200mm leads & Genuine MC4$110.00
NINVSundaya Ceiling Switch (SUN-AC160)$1.99
SWC-001Battery Selector Switch 12 / 24V DC$55.00
SWC-002Switch - Architrave 1G$15.00
SWC-003Switch - Architrave 2G$25.00
SWC-004Switch - Pull Cord 2-Way$44.00
SWC-006Mounting Block - Single Architrave$9.90
SWC-007Mounting Block - Double Architrave$7.70
SWC-008Switch - Cordline (inline)$18.00
SWC-010Switch - Round 2-Way$25.00
SWC-012Switch - Changeover Double Pole 20A$165.00
SWC-01312V DC Motion Sensor PIR - 10 Amp$69.00
SWC-01424V DC Motion Sensor PIR - 10 Amp$69.00
SWC-015Switch - Flush 1G White$9.90
SWC-016Switch - Flush 2G White$15.40
SWC-018Switch - Flush 4G White$66.00
SWC-034-2Digital Timer Switch 12 & 24V 10A$55.00
SWC-101Weatherproof Isolator 3 Pole 63A$30.00
Hybrid Inverters
INV-SGSH5K-30Sungrow Hybrid Inverter 5kW (battery ready) (EPS Built In)$3009.40
Inverter Accessories
INX-EP-CELLEnphase Mobile Connect 3G Modem & Data$661.13
INX-EP-CTEnphase CT Clamp for Envoy S Metered$38.43
INX-EP-EBEnphase Ethernet over Powerline Bridge (Pair)$101.16
INX-EP-Envoy-SMEnphase Envoy-S Metered+DRM Comms Gateway Incl. 2 x CT's$724.14
INX-EP-R1PEnphase Relay Single Phase - IQ7 Systems$84.89
INX-EP-R3PEnphase Relay Multi-Phase - IQ7 Systems$174.08
INX-F01Fronius Smart Meter 63A single Phase$255.68
INX-F02Fronius Smart Meter 63A Three Phase$616.58
INX-F03Fronius Smart Meter 50kA Three Phase$700.00
INX-F04USR IOT RS485 TO Wi-Fi Trans/Rec$131.43
INX-F05Wi-Fi Directional Antenna 2.4GHz$56.80
INX-L2-40Automatic AC Transfer Switch 2 Way 40Amp$544.50
INX-L3-25Automatic AC Transfer Switch 3 Way 25A$583.00
INX-LDLatronics RCD Fitted$313.50
INX-LKLatronics AC T/Switch (1000-1800W) Fitted$423.50
INX-LKXLatronics AC T/Switch (2000-7000W) Fitted$599.50
INX-LRLatronics Ruggedisation Fitted$71.50
INX-SB004SMA Multifunction Relay Retrofit Kit$69.99
INX-SB010SMA Cluster Controller For Smaller Systems$1547.13
INX-SB08-2Sunny Home Manager 2.0, Bluetooth + Speedwire$1397.49
INX-SB08-3Current Transformer Split Core 100A/5A$295.00
INX-SG-ESBSungrow Emergency Supply Switching Box$360.00
INX-SG-WFDSungrow Wi-Fi Dongle for Hybrid Inverters$76.35
INX-SGEMSungrow Single Phase Energy Meter$174.22
INX-V100-USBVictron RS485 to USB Interface Cable 1.8M$47.63
INX-V100-USB2Victron RS485 to USB Interface Cable 5M$51.68
INX-V100-ZBUVictron ZigBee to USB converter$162.11
INX-V119Victron MK3-USB Interface$119.55
INV-SI4448-3Sunny Island 4.4M Inverter/Charger 4.4kW 48V Web Connect$5172.55
INV-SI4648-3Sunny Island 6.0H Inverter/Charger 4.6kW 48V Web Connect$5782.03
INV-SI6048-3Sunny Island 8.0H Inverter/Charger 6kW 48V Web Connect$6344.01
INV-VC12-00.5-20-16Victron MultiPlus 12/500/20-16 230V VE.Bus$609.17
INV-VC12-00.8-35-16Victron MultiPlus 12/800/35-16 230V VE.Bus$756.34
INV-VC12-01.2-50-16Victron MultiPlus 12/1200/50-16 230V VE.Bus$1054.40
INV-VC12-01.6-70-16Victron MultiPlus 12/1600/70-16 230V VE.Bus$1197.85
INV-VC12-03.0-120-50Victron MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 230V VE.Bus$2460.90
INV-VC24-00.5-10-16Victron MultiPlus 24/500/10-16 230V VE.Bus$609.17
INV-VC24-00.8-16-16Victron MultiPlus 24/800/16-16 230V VE.Bus$756.34
INV-VC24-01.2-25-16Victron MultiPlus 24/1200/25-16 230V VE.Bus$1054.40
INV-VC24-01.6-40-16Victron MultiPlus 24/1600/40-16 230V VE.Bus$1263.05
INV-VC24-03.0-70-50Victron Multiplus Inverter/Charger 24V 3000VA 70-50$2398.46
INV-VC24-05-120-100Victron Multiplus Inverter/Charger 24V 5000VA 120-100$3646.64
INV-VC48-00.5-06-16Victron MultiPlus 48/500/6-16 230V VE.Bus$641.76
INV-VC48-00.8-09-16Victron MultiPlus 48/800/9-16 230V VE.Bus$796.40
INV-VC48-01.2-13-16Victron MultiPlus 48/1200/13-16 230V VE.Bus$1109.37
INV-VC48-01.6-20-16Victron MultiPlus 48/1600/20-16 230V VE.Bus$1329.19
INV-VC48-03.0-35-32Victron Multiplus II Inverter/Charger 48V 3000VA 35-32$1661.71
INV-VC48-03.0-35-50Victron Multiplus Inverter/Charger 48V 3000VA 35-50$1893.65
INV-VC48-05-70-100Victron Multiplus Inverter/Charger 48V 5000VA 70-100$2807.40
INV-VC48-05-70-50Victron Multiplus II Inverter/Charger 48V 5000VA 70-50$2666.75
INV-VC48-05Q-70-100Victron Quattro Inverter/Charger 48V 5000VA 70-100$3461.27
INV-VC48-08Q-110-100Victron Quattro Inverter/Charger 48V 8000VA 110-100$4697.32
INV-VC48-10Q-140-100Victron Quattro Inverter/Charger 48V 10000VA 140-100$5648.84
INV-VC48-15Q-200-100Victron Quattro Inverter/Charger 48V 15000VA 200-100$7404.44
j-Power Sundaya Systems
SUN-AC010Hanger for T-Lite & Ulitium Lights with Bayonet Plug$3.00
SUN-ACU100Mains Charger - T-Lite/Ulitium/JouleStick - j-Power$30.00
Lamp Shades
NINVHalo Light Reflector for Ulite, Qlite & Luna (SUN-AC142)$1.49
NINVSkirt Natural Lampshade for Ulite & Qlite (SUN-AC144N)$2.49
NINVWally - Wall Mount Lampshade - UV stable (SUN-AC148)$1.99
LYF-016Narva Strobe Warning Light 12-80 VDC$77.00
SUN-LT02PLumi Purple Night Light 0.5W/2W 12V$8.00
SUN-LT02RLumi Red Night Light 0.5W/2W 12V$8.00
SUN-LT02WLumi White Night Light 0.5W/2W 12V$8.00
SUN-LT106Fluoro A-Light 6W 12V c/w Pull Switch$22.00
SUN-LT2WUlita 200 White 240/120/25 Lumens$19.99
LED Lights
LED-009-WWLED Light 8-40Vdc 9W 60 Deg Dimmable Warm White$30.00
LED-412LED 10W Floodlight IP65 Natural White 4000-4500K Grey 12 & 24V$34.00
LED-432LED 30W Floodlight IP65 Natural White 4000-4500K Grey 12 & 24V$85.00
LED-452LED 50W Floodlight IP65 Natural White 4000-4500K Grey 12 & 24V$110.00
STL-130Intergrated Solar Street Light 30W$986.72
SUN-LT2WUlita 200 White 240/120/25 Lumens$19.99
Light Fittings
LYF-00212V/24V LED/Halogen MR16-BC adaptor (3A Max)$13.00
LYF-004BC Lampholder Adaptor B22$11.00
LYF-010Lampholder E27 Batten$30.00
LYF-011Lampholder E27 Pendant$22.00
LYF-012Lampholder BC Batten$7.70
LYF-013Lampholder BC Pendant$6.50
LYF-014Ceramic Socket 2 Pin G4 (for LED/Halogens)$3.30
LYF-300Lampholder E27 Batten (with Pull Switch) for 12/24V$4.40
NINVSundaya 70-120cm Extender 2 Apollo to Pendant Lampholder (SUN-AC140)$2.89
SUN-AC149Apollo Batten Lampholder E17$2.50
INX-SGEMSungrow Single Phase Energy Meter$174.22
INX-V100-100AVictron Energy Meter 1 Phase max 100A$129.68
INX-V101-65AVictron Energy Meter 3 Phase max 65A$364.21
MET-012Economy Digital Multimeter$19.95
MET-014kWh Meter Din Rail Mount Single Phase$83.00
MET-014-3kWh Meter 3 Phase 0-100A Din Rail Mount$440.00
MET-016-BBlue Digital Panel Mount LED Voltmeter 3-30VDC$24.00
MET-017Meter Red Digital Panel Mount LED Voltmeter 3-30Vdc 0-10A DC c/- Internal Shunt$35.95
MET-019Ammeter 0-50A LED Panel Mount Red 8-30Vdc$39.95
MET-106Hand Held Thermo-Anemometer$65.00
MET-V03Victron Battery Monitor BMV-700$224.77
MET-V03-SVictron Smart Battery Monitor BMV-712$295.92
Outdoor Lighting
LED-412LED 10W Floodlight IP65 Natural White 4000-4500K Grey 12 & 24V$34.00
LED-432LED 30W Floodlight IP65 Natural White 4000-4500K Grey 12 & 24V$85.00
LED-452LED 50W Floodlight IP65 Natural White 4000-4500K Grey 12 & 24V$110.00
STL-130Intergrated Solar Street Light 30W$986.72
Pre-wired Base Kits
SKM-010ARainbow Power Pouch (Box & 20A Regulator)$50.00
SKM-V020Rainbow Power Cube (Fused, Timber Box & 15A Mppt Regulator)$672.35
Pumping - Bore Pumps
PMP-A6000Aquatec SWP6000 Submersible Pump 130mm OD$1482.00
PMP-GSQF0.6-2NGrundfos Bore Pump SQFlex 0.6-2N - 600l/h @ 120m$4166.00
PMP-GSQF0.6-3NGrundfos Bore Pump SQFlex 0.6-3N - 600l/h @ 200m$4166.00
PMP-GSQF1-30NGrundfos Bore Pump SQFlex 1-30N - 1900l/h @ 10m$2216.00
PMP-GSQF1.2-2NGrundfos Bore Pump SQFlex 1.2-2N - 1200l/h @ 120m$4357.00
PMP-GSQF1.2-3NGrundfos Bore Pump SQFlex 1.2-3N - 1050l/h @ 250m$4357.00
PMP-GSQF2.5-2NGrundfos Bore Pump SQFlex 2.5-2N - 2300l/h @ 120m$4269.87
PMP-GSQF3A-10NGrundfos Bore Pump SQFlex 3A-10N - 3000l/h @ 70m$4429.00
PMP-GSQF5A-3NGrundfos Bore Pump SQFlex 5A-3N - 6500l/h @ 15m$4013.00
PMP-GSQF5A-7NGrundfos Bore Pump SQFlex 5A-7N$4429.00
PMP-LC-0150Lorentz PS 150 Submersible Pump c/w Controller$2948.63
PMP-LC-0600Lorentz PS 600 Submersible Pump c/w Controller$4845.00
PMP-LC-1800Lorentz PS 1800 Submersible Pump c/w Controller$4988.00
PMP-LC-4000Lorentz PS 4000 Submersible Pump c/w Controller$9500.00
PMP-LHR-0150Lorentz PS150 HR Submersible Pump c/w Controller$3888.94
PMP-LHR-0200Lorentz PS200 HR Submersible Pump c/w Controller$3985.49
PMP-LHR-0600Lorentz PS600 HR Submersible Pump c/w Controller$5080.37
PMP-LHR-1800Lorentz PS1800 HR Submersible Pump c/w Controller$4990.00
PMP-LHR-4000Lorentz PS4000 HR Submersible Pump c/w Controller$9615.00
Pumping - DC Pumps
PMP-002Rule 360 Bilge Pump 12V$37.00
PMP-00312V Rule Amazon IL280P Submersible/ in-line Pump$88.00
PMP-00424V Rule Amazon IL280P-24 Submersible/ in-line Pump$130.00
PMP-OHD50Orange HD50 Solar Pump$1026.12
PMP-P12-11Jabsco Par-Max 11L/ Min 12V With Filter$229.00
PMP-P24-11Jabsco Par-Max 11L/ Min 24V With Filter$220.00
Pumping - Fire Fighting
PMP-FF026.5Hp Twin Stage Bianco Firefighting Pump$950.00
Pumping - Household 230V
PMP-G004Grundfos CMB-SP1-36 Self Priming Stainless Steel Home Pressure Pump$846.00
PMP-G005Grundfos CMB-SP 3-47 Self Priming Stainless Steel Home Pressure Pump$1217.17
Pumping - Parts & Accessories
PMP-FF01-P01Bianco 5M Defender Firefighter Hose Kit 38mm Suction & 20mm Discharge$287.00
PMP-J12-P02-EElectus Micro Pressure Switch (Suits All Johnson Pumps)$5.50
PMP-J12-P02-JJohnson Micro Pressure Switch (Suits All Johnson Pumps)$18.00
PMP-J12-P03Johnson Port Set 2 x 90 deg 1/2" Barb$11.00
PMP-J12-P04Diaphragm Kit for Johnson Aqua Jet PMP-J12 & J24$203.50
PMP-JV12-P03Johnson Port Set 2 x 90 deg 3/4" Barb$11.00
PMP-S04-P06Poly-Propylene Rope 8 sq mm (metre)$1.10
PMP-S04-P07Shurflo 9325 Canister$145.27
PMP-S04-P09Shurflo 9325 Lift Plate Kit$78.00
PMX-001Float Switch NO or NC Vertical or Horizontal$19.95
PMX-A001Aquatec Submersible Pump Controller$455.00
PMX-A01Aquatec In-Line Filter$21.07
PMX-A02Aquatec 1/2" NPT Straight Filter Adaptor$2.67
PMX-G15-1Level Switch - NO or NC Operation$105.12
PMX-G16Reverse Acting Pressure Switch (158/448 kPa)$114.00
PMX-G17Reverse Acting Pressure Switch (280/1400 kPa)$351.00
PMX-G18Pressure Tank PTF08 (pipe mount)$81.00
PMX-G43Grundfos External Pressure Switch$49.00
PMX-G44Grundfos 55mm 0-1000KPA Pressure Gauge Glycol Filled Stainless Steel.$34.98
PMX-GCU200Grundfos CU200 Control Box for Switching$909.44
PMX-GFSQFGrundfos SQFlex Float - 160 mm diameter HDPE$831.00
PMX-GIO101IO 101 Connection Box + Gen b/up + Cont. flow$475.30
PMX-GV02Reservoir Tank Valve 32, 40 & 50mm$290.00
PMX-GV10Floating (Side Outlet) Foot Valve 1 1/4" Plastic Floats$220.00
PMX-GV12Floating (Side Outlet) Foot Valve 1 1/2" Plastic Floats$230.00
PMX-GV14Floating (side Outlet) 2" Foot Valve Plastic Floats (7")$255.21
PMX-L100Submersible Well Probe Sensor$140.58
PMX-L19Dry Run Water Sensor$459.00
PMX-L20In-line Filter 10"- P150 Boost$93.50
PMX-W02/4.0Drop Cable 4mm sq, 2 core (per metre) Suit Aquatec/9325 Bore Pumps$5.68
Pumping - Swimming Pool
PMP-LPP-0600Lorentz PS2 600-CS-17-1 Surface Pool Pump c/w Controller$4128.30
PMP-LPP-1800Lorentz PS2-1800-CS-37-1 Surface Pool Pump c/w Controller$4804.80
Regulator Accessories
REG-050Low Battery Alarm for Plasmatronics Regulator$15.40
RGX-EG300AERL EarthGuard - Ground fault protection device 300V$764.08
RGX-M150Ground fault protection device 150V$578.47
RGX-P01PLS2 External Shunt Adapter$160.00
RGX-P02PLA Plasmatronics Alarm Module$365.00
RGX-P03Temperature Sensor (PLT) for PL Regulator$33.00
RGX-P04PLM Plasmatronics Remote Monitor$165.00
RGX-P06Dingo DUSB Interface$75.00
RGX-P07Plasmatronics Dingo Battery Temp Sensor DTB$25.00
RGX-P200External Shunt 200A - 75mV With Base$33.00
RGX-P27-03Shielded WZS Cable 3m for PL60$27.50
RGX-P28Shielded WYS Cable 3m for PL20/40$27.50
RGX-P30Shielded WXS Extension Cable 3m for PL regulators$16.50
RGX-R30-2Solid State Relay 24V 30A DC (with heatsink)$200.00
RGX-V100Victron Color Control GX CCGX Interface$824.34
RGX-V101Victron Venus GX Interface$446.17
RGX-V105Victron CCGX WiFi Module Long Range$129.68
RGX-V106Wall Mounted Enclosure For Victron Color Control$67.89
RGX-V110Victron VE Direct Cable 1.8m$19.45
RGX-V111Victron USB Interface .9m$46.61
RGX-V113Victron VE Direct Cable 0.9m$19.45
RGX-V114Right Angle 0.9M VE Direct Cable$19.45
RGX-V115VE Direct to BlueTooth Dongle$85.11
RGX-V116-2Cat 5e Cable 2M RJ45$5.46
RGX-VM001Victron SmartSolar Pluggable Display$85.11
WRX-017Adaptor - RJ12 Joiner Female/Female$4.95
WRX-019Adaptor - RJ12 Double (3 x female) for PLI & PLS2$13.20
WRX-020RJ11 Double Adapter (2 x female 1 x male) 4 pin$5.20
REG-FM80Outback MPPT 80A Charge Controller$1050.00
REG-L20Plasmatronics PL20 - LCD Display - 20A$335.50
REG-L40Plasmatronics PL40 - LCD Display - 40A$429.00
REG-L80Plasmatronics PL80 - LCD Display - 80A$869.00
REG-LD20Plasmatronics Dingo 20/20 - LCD Display - 20A$335.50
REG-LD40Plasmatronics Dingo D4040P - LCD Display - 40A$429.00
REG-M1210Morningstar Sunlight 12V 10A Lighting Control Regulator$250.53
REG-M1220Morningstar Sunlight 12V 20A Lighting Control Regulator$270.88
REG-M2420Morningstar Sunlight 24V 20ALighting Control Regulator$285.39
REG-PR1210WPlasmatronics Regulator 12V 10A for Wet Cells$76.00
REG-PR2410GPlasmatronics Regulator 24V 10A for Gel Cells$78.70
REG-PR2410WPlasmatronics Regulator 24V 10A for Wet Cells$77.00
REG-V30Victron BlueSolar PWM-LCD&USB 12/24V-30A$105.37
REG-VM07515Victron BlueSolar 75V 15A MPPT Regulator$131.31
REG-VM07515-SVictron SmartSolar 75V 15A MPPT BlueTooth Regulator$181.03
REG-VM10015Victron BlueSolar 100V 15A MPPT Regulator$177.16
REG-VM10020-SVictron SmartSolar 100V 20A MPPT BlueTooth Regulator$253.91
REG-VM10030Victron BlueSolar 100V 30A MPPT Regulator$230.28
REG-VM10030-SVictron SmartSolar 100V 30A MPPT BlueTooth Regulator$319.28
REG-VM10050-SVictron SmartSolar 100V 50A MPPT BlueTooth Regulator$457.88
REG-VM150100-SVictron SmartSolar 150V 100A MPPT BlueTooth Regulator$1233.84
REG-VM15035-SVictron SmartSolar 150V 35A MPPT BlueTooth Regulator$457.88
REG-VM15060-SVictron SmartSolar 150V 60A MPPT BlueTooth Regulator$848.84
REG-VM15070-SVictron SmartSolar 150V 70A MPPT BlueTooth Regulator$925.84
REG-VM15085-SVictron SmartSolar 150V 85A MPPT BlueTooth Regulator$1095.42
SUN-RG10Regulator Apple 10A 12V$49.00
SUN-RG20Regulator Apple 20A 12V$62.00
Small Appliances
APL-025Hair Dryer 12V DC 220 Watts$27.00
SWC-01312V DC Motion Sensor PIR - 10 Amp$69.00
SWC-01424V DC Motion Sensor PIR - 10 Amp$69.00
SWC-034-2Digital Timer Switch 12 & 24V 10A$55.00
Solar Cookers
HOT-002Sunflair Solar Cooker / Oven$190.98
Solar Hot Water Systems
HOT-CP-01Green Catch 4.8kW Solar Diverter Single Phase$870.84
HOT-SF-01Sunflux PV Solar Hot Water Controller$1295.00
HOT-SF-03Sunflux Twin element$275.00
Solar Inverters
INV-EPIQ7+Enphase IQ7+ MC4 Micro Inverter for 72 Cell Panels up to 440W (290VA)$243.21
INV-FE25.0Fronius Eco 25kW Three Phase Incl Wi-Fi Datamanager$6285.00
INV-FE27.0Fronius Eco 27kW Three Phase Incl Wi-Fi Datamanager$6465.00
INV-FP3.0Fronius Primo 3.0kW Single Phase incl Wi-Fi Data Manager$2129.93
INV-FP3.5Fronius Primo 3.5kW Single Phase incl Wi-Fi Data Manager$2236.40
INV-FP4.0Fronius Primo 4.0kW Single Phase incl Wi-Fi Data Manager$2358.80
INV-FP5.0Fronius Primo 5.0kW Single Phase incl Wi-Fi Data Manager$2594.21
INV-FP6.0Fronius Primo 6.0kW Single Phase incl Wi-Fi Data Manager$3019.17
INV-FP8.2Fronius Primo 8.2kW Single Phase incl Wi-Fi Data Manager$3476.23
INV-FS10.0Fronius Symo 10kW Three Phase incl Wi-Fi Data Manager$4195.54
INV-FS12.5Fronius Symo 12.5kW Three Phase incl Wi-Fi Data Manager$4790.92
INV-FS15.0Fronius Symo 15kW Three Phase incl Wi-Fi Data Manager$5590.17
INV-FS20.0Fronius Symo 20kW Three Phase incl Wi-Fi Data Manager$5260.12
INV-FS5.0Fronius Symo 5.0kW Three Phase incl Wi-Fi Data Manager$2917.61
INV-FS6.0Fronius Symo 6.0kW Three Phase incl Wi-Fi Data Manager$2980.22
INV-FS7.0Fronius Symo 7.0kW Three Phase incl Wi-Fi Data Manager$3702.26
INV-FS8.2Fronius Symo 8.2kW Three Phase incl Wi-Fi Data Manager$4171.37
INV-SB1500VL-40SMA SunnyBoy 1500W 1MPPT WiFi$1344.74
INV-SB2500VL-40SMA Sunny Boy 2500W 1MPPT WiFi$1726.63
INV-SB3.0-1AV-41Sunny Boy 3.0-1AV-41 SMA Smart Connected$2010.92
INV-SB4.0-1AV-41Sunny Boy 4.0-1AV-41 SMA Smart Connected$2215.37
INV-SB5.0-1AV-41Sunny Boy 5.0-1AV-41 SMA Smart Connected$2541.83
INV-SB6.0-1AV-41Sunny Boy 6.0-1AV-41 SMA Smart Connected$2655.32
INV-SG2000-SSungrow PV Inverter SG2K-S Premium - 2kVA single MPPT with isolator$1142.69
INV-SG3000-SSungrow PV Inverter - Premium - 3kVA single MPPT With Isolator$1211.48
INV-SG5000-DSungrow PV Inverter - Premium - 5kVA Dual MPPT With Isolator$1440.50
INV-SG8000-DSungrow PV Inverter - Premium - 8kVA Dual MPPT With Isolator$2573.51
INV-STP20000TL-30SMA Sunny Tripower 20000TL-30 with Screen$6073.73
INV-STP25000TL-30SMA Sunny Tripower 25000TL-30 With Screen$5819.34
INV-STP50-40SMA Sunny Tripower Core1 - STP50-40$11318.07
INV-STP8000-3AV-40SMA Sunny Tripower 8000TL-40 3 Phase Inverter$3656.54
Solar Panels
SOL-R325REC 325W Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel Half Cut MC4 Black Frame$314.52
SOL-S005Symmetry 5W Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel 8m fly leads$37.44
SOL-S10Symmetry 10W Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel 8m Fly Leads$47.83
SOL-S20Solawatt/Symmetry 20W Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel C/- 5M Fly Leads$62.59
SOL-S60Symmetry 60W Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel$151.82
SOL-SP320-BSunPower P19-320W Mono PERC cell MC4 Black$305.33
SOL-SP400BSunPower Maxeon3 400W Res Monocrystalline MC4$590.95
SOL-T370Trina 370W Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel TSM-370/MC4 Black Frame (TSM-DD08M.08(II))$274.00
SOL-V090Victron 90W Polycrystalline Solar Panel$153.00
SOL-V175Victron 175W Polycrystalline Solar Panel$211.76
BAX-009Hydrometer (Gefo) (High Quality) 180mm tip$22.00
MET-012Economy Digital Multimeter$19.95
SLX-109Spanner set For MC4 Connectors$18.00
TOL-002Ratcheting Terminal Crimper (Suit MC4)$77.00
TOL-020Soldering Iron 12V 40W$18.00
Voltage Converters
APX-010DC-DC Laptop Power Supply 12Vdc-15/24Vdc 150W.$75.00
APX-V1212-9Victron Orion Tr 12/12-9A DC-DC Converter IP43$106.39
APX-V1224-5Victron Orion-Tr 12/24-5A DC-DC Converter IP43$112.47
APX-V2412-25Victron Orion 24/12-25A DC-DC Converter IP20$122.61
APX-V4812-20Victron Orion-Tr 48/12-20A DC-DC Converter IP43$202.63
APX-V4824-16Victron Orion-Tr 48/24-16A DC-DC Converter IP43$374.87
BAX-223Battery Charge Equaliser 24V-12V 25A$535.00
SUN-AC210Universal 12V Phone Charger + 7 Sockets$15.00

We install solar systems in Northern NSW and Southern QLD.

Gold Coast (from Coolangatta to Southport), Nerang and Hinterland (Beaudesert) and out West (Warwick, Stanthorpe, Killarney)

Northern NSW (Tweed Heads to Yamba, including Evans Head, Byron Bay and Ballina); the Far North Coast Hinterland (Grafton via Lismore to Murwillumbah) and out West (Casino to Tenterfield, including Drake and Tabulam, as well as Woodenbong and Bonalbo)

For larger system we also go up to Brisbane or down to Coffs Harbour and even Glen Innes. Other places by arrangement.