Sonnenschein A600 Solar - 1382Ah - 12V (6x2V) Gel Cells

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Sonnenschein A600 SOLAR

Premium dryfit gel battery made in Germany with an exceptional cycling rate (7200 cycles @ 20% Depth of discharge (C10) at 20°C).

Valve regulated gel cell battery with 1382Ah storage capacity (C100).

Sonnenschein A600 solar batteries are developed specifically for applications where cycling is required. Please refer to the Sonnenschein A600 Solar technical specifications or download the spec sheet (downloads tab).

The price shown is for 6 x 2V cells (12 volt set) including interconnecting straps.

Terminal (M8 bolts) position:
interconnecting cells with 4 terminals

Weight: 480 Kilograms
Warranty: 3+2yrs
Code: BAT-S1382
Price: $6113.67


Sonnenschein A600 Solar - 1382Ah - 12V (6x2V) Gel Cells
Capacity @ 100 hours1382 Ah
Capacity @ 10 hours1135 Ah
Design6 x 2 volt cells
Dimensions (mm) per cell212(L) x 235(W) x690(H)
Weight per cell80 kg
Pole pairs2
ModelA602/1415 SOLAR

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