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E-News Issue #106

2 April 2007

Sundaya Products

We have a good range of all the Sundaya kits and lights in stock. A variety of fluoros are available in 3, 6, 9, 10, 12 and 18 watt. The kits are ideal for small lighting applications. We have even put together a small BBQ kit for occasional use in your backyard gazebo, shed or BBQ area - comes complete with a couple of water proof Multilights #3 lights.

Web Shop Hints

1) To list all products with the same catalogue prefix:- go to the Quick Find Search Engine and type in the prefix - eg SUN- to find all Sundaya products beginning with SUN-xxx

2) To list all products of a particular type eg products in 24 volts:- go to Quick Find and type in '24V'

3) To find one type of product available in 24V - go to Quick Find - Advanced Search, eg In Categories select 'lighting' - in Search Criteria type in '24V' to bring up all 24V lights

If you are on a slow dial up connection, you can speed up the page download by turning off the images in your browser. For Internet Explorer go to Tools - Internet Options - Advanced - Multi Media (Show Pictures)

Camping Lanterns

I have written this month's longer article about Camping Lanterns.

There are a lot of rechargeable fluoro 'lanterns' on the market these days. In Australia, they are often available from department camping stores, usually made in China and sell for $30 - $50. They usually come with a 12V and a 230V charging lead. Some higher priced versions ($150 - $150) come with a solar panel for charging purposes. They are basically designed for the occasional camping trip.

We are often asked to supply this type of lantern for lighting in Pacific Island homes.

Unfortunately we don't regard them as suitable for this purpose. An overall answer is that basically, they are too cheap and not designed for daily duty.

More specifically, the problems can include:

1) They look 'nice' but tend to fall apart the first time they are dropped.

2) The light in a home is usually needed for at least 5 - 6 hours of use, particularly if it is the only light in the house. Generally, the battery is too small and consequently it gets deeply discharged everyday and goes flat after a day of rain. You really need a 10 - 15Ah battery which is too large and heavy to fit into a lantern. The solar panel is usually too small and is made of a cheap plastic, amorphous type with a short lifespan.

3) The electronics, to prevent the battery over and under charging, are simple and cheap and consequently the battery deteriorates quickly.

4) While a 6W fluoro is quite bright and good for general illumination, most of the light is thrown sideways which is not particularly good for working at a desk or table.

5) They are not moisture resistant or protected, let alone water proof. The humidity in the tropics soon corrode the circuitry and the flimsy contact points to the fluoro.

To conclude, we believe our Sundaya Starter or Shed Kit is still a far better alternative for village lighting and dedicated campers.

They use an 18Ah battery and it is powered by a 16W Kyocera panel. The battery box is moisture resistant and water proof lights are an option if required. The battery pack weighs 9 kgs and has a carry handle.

More information on solar lighting kits.

We Celebrate 20 years!!

Sunday 1st July 2007 is the Rainbow Power Company's 20th Anniversary!!

We are extending an open invite to you all to attend our 'Open Day' Festivities. Arrive from 12 noon, for an afternoon of good food and music, displays and guided tours. More details in our coming e-newsletters, but for now - a marker in your social diaries!

Cheers from Dave and all the RPC crew.

Dave Lambert (Director)

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We also have sales agents in
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