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E-News Issue #137

5 July 2010

Website Facelift

We are celebrating the start of the new financial year with a facelift to our website. The work is being done by local artist Byron Tik. Byron has joined our IT team in a part-time capacity. Any comments on how we can improve our website would be appreciated.

New Ulitium Solar Lighting Kits

Sundaya have done it again, leading the world in the design & manufacture of small lighting kits. The Ulitium range uses super efficient LED, 3 energy saving modes and lithium battery technologies.

Off-Grid RECs

The gov't has legislated to increase the maximum number of Solar Credits for Off-Grid installations from 1.5 to 20kW. Read more about rebates & incentives.


We have joined the 400,000,000 world wide community of Facebook!. Visit our Facebook page if you would like to learn a bit more about us – our facilities, products and staff. Unlike personal pages where you join as a ‘friend', company type FB pages let you indicate that you ‘like' the page – you will then get a feed of any changes made to the site – we don't anticipate more than 1 – 2 entries a week. If interested have a look:

Washing Machine Review

The site now lists the power for cold wash power consumption. These range from a low 39kWh per 365 uses to a high of 188kWh/365 uses. The lowest power consumption washers were all top loaders. The lowest power consumption for a cold water front loader was a Samsung (cold water connection only) at 71kWh/365 uses.

It is interesting to note that if you choose a washing machine with cold water connection only, then it will be supplied with its own internal heating element. This then allows you to choose it wash in hot, warm or cold water. If your home is supplied with hot water from gas or a solar hot water system, this internal element will not be the most efficient method to heat the washing water. It would be more energy efficient to have hot and cold connections on your washing machine. The added power load would certainly need to be taken into consideration if you are living with a Stand Alone solar power system.

The best front loader with hot and cold water connections was also a Samsung at 98kWh/365 uses, however LG and Westinghouse were close behind this Samsung.

The total amount of water used, for those with hot and cold connections, was 27 litres per wash to a high 112 litres/wash.

To see the cold water usage you need to click the ‘Basic Detail' and then again on ‘Comprehensive Detail'. You can click the small up and down arrows in the headings to list the results by that parameter.

So you can use this site to select for the best power and water usage or a combination of both. You can select a model with hot and cold water options, or cold water only if you are happy to always wash in cold water, unless you want to use electricity to heat your water.

The last big question is how effective are they in getting your clothes clean. Choice magazine has articles about this aspect for subscribers. You may also be able to buy the article on their website if you are not a subscriber.

One of our customers has advised that Electrolux have a new ‘5 Star' model coming out in the next few months. Considering the power efficiency of their fridges, it will be interesting to see this new model. In the meantime, happy washing!

Guest Article

This month I am pleased to present an informative article written by Barbara Young, who is one of our fans in the USA . Barbara maintains a website promoting the value of solar technology. The article gives an overview of how solar works.

If you received approval for an $8000 rebate several months ago, you may only have weeks to have your system installed before your rebate runs out. If you have not yet had it installed by your solar installer, you may wish to select a new installer who can get the job done on time. Contact us today to see if we or one of our accredited installers can help you out.

If you did not apply and receive an $8000 rebate, you can still receive Solar Credits/Renewable Energy Certificates towards the cost of your solar system. This, coupled with the Feed in Tariff, makes a solar installation not only good for the environment but your bank balance as well. Get an idea of costs and revenue.

Solar Toys

We are now stocking a range of small solar toys for the kids (small and big). There is a solar grasshopper, a mini-car racer which really races along. We also have a 6 in 1 Educational Toy Kit. See our range of toys and educational kits.

Cheers from Dave and all the RPC crew.

Dave Lambert (Director)

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