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E-News Issue #75

27 August 2004

Audio & Large TV Systems

This month we look at some power consumption figures for the more 'upmarket' home entertainment gadgets.

One of our customers recently did an energy audit on his rather large and sophisticated sound system.

Generally we have found that audio equipment uses a lot less power than what the specification would have you believe. Many amplifiers use more power when the volume is turned up high.

We would suggest that you use a sine wave inverter for running your audio equipment. A modified square wave inverter often causes an unacceptable buzz or hum on audio equipment.

A battery operated radio or CD player is the most power efficient form of audio equipment if you have a limited size solar system. Power consumption of even the larger models is usually only 3 to 6 Watts. This is more efficient than running a 230 volt unit from an inverter.

Murray measured the following power consumptions of his audio equipment. If you were running it from an inverter, you would need to add around 15% extra for inverter losses.

1. Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 CD Player. Standby; 31.6 Watts (W) Playing; 33.7 Watts (W) Not really affected by volume. Claimed Power consumption; 30 Watts

2. Opera Audio Cyber-800 Power Amps (2). Standby (on - not really standby) 165W each Playing; 165 -175W each. Not really affected by volume. Claimed Power consumption; 90W each

3. Opera Audio Consonance R1.1 Reference Preamplifier. Standby; 13.7W Playing; 14W Not really affected by volume. Claimed power consumption; 40W

4. Opera Audio Consonance C3 three channel power amp. Standby; 42W (on - not really standby) Low volume; 44W Med volume; 60W Loud volume; 100 – 130W

5. Yamaha RX-V2400 AV Receiver. Standby; 59W Low volume; 59W Med volume; 62W Loud volume; 63W Claimed power consumption; 500W - as an amplifier - I only use as a receiver.

6. Denon CDR-W1500 CD Recorder. Standby; 15.5W Playing; 20W Claimed power consumption; 29W

7. Marantz DV4300 DVD Player. Standby; 2.7W Playing; 16W Claimed power consumption; 14W

8. Panasonic DMR-E100H DVD Recorder. Standby; 4.1W Playing; 37W Claimed power usage; 45W

9. Paradigm Servo 15 powered Subwoofer. Standby; 2.3W On; 25-55W


Large TVs are becoming more common. One of our customers recently tested the power consumption of his two TVs, with the following results:

Panasonic 106cm Wide Screen Plasma TV (Model TH-42PA20A) Standby; 1.5 On; 170 - 300 average about 240 Volume seem to have little effect. Claimed power usage; Standby; 1.6 On; 313 (normal use)

Panasonic 86cm Widescreen TV (Model TX-86PW100A) Standby; 2.8 On; 165 - 200 Claimed power usage; Standby; 3 On 228 max.

Dave recently checked the power consumption of his 43cm LCD wide screen television (NEC brand), and found that it used 53 Watts, when measured on the AC side.

Cheers from Dave and all the RPC crew.

Dave Lambert (Director)

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