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E-News Issue #89

29 September 2005

Sorry that this is several days late. We have had one of our busiest fortnights I’ve seen for years. Several of our staff were away in Maryborough attending the CMCA Motor home rally- some 1300 motor homes were there.
We have also had a huge influx of new products. A bit more about that later. However, we still do not have all our prices and promotional material ready - when we do in another week or so, we will release a second newsletter and also new Price Lists.

Sundaya Distributorship

We are honoured to acknowledge that we have been appointed the Australian Pacific Distributorship. Sundaya are probably the largest manufacturer in the world of solar lighting kits between 14 and 100 watts. In the last dozen years, Sundaya products have been used in over 300,000 solar lighting kits worldwide. Currently they are selling 5000 solar home systems a month. Their popular A-Light has now topped 1 million units sold. All of their products have been certified by organisations such as the World Bank and Netherlands' Energy Research Foundation.

Be sure to check out the Sundaya Renewable Energy Educational Tour once you have looked at the initial product selection! This selection includes a 14W and a 50W complete solar kit, four sizes of fluoros and Apple 5 and 15 amp Charge Controllers (regulators). We will be adding more information to this Sundaya portal page on our website over the next week.

Other new products

Besides the Sundaya kits, lights and regulators we have also added several new fridges to our range including a number with a frost-free option. These are already in our Price List and our web-master should have specs on our web site shortly. We have also added a 5 and 10W halogen bulb in a B155 fitting. This is a single contact automotive type fitting which is found in a lot of motor homes such as the Winnebago. A supplementary newsletter in a week or two will be issued with a short description of each product. By then we should have them in the Price List and also have pictures on the website.

Solar Ovens

We had an overwhelming response to our initial supply of solar ovens and cookers. They are sold out! We have ordered a much larger supply but it could be up to 2 months before they arrive. We’ll let you know.

Solar PV - shortage and prices

We have good supplies of Kyocera panels in at the moment at great prices. Buy now to avoid a price increase of up to 10% which is looming in a month! There is also a decreasing supply of panel grade silicon and most manufacturers, including Kyocera, have had to curtail production substantially due to this shortage. Some plants are only running at around 50% capacity. We hope to maintain supply but things look tight in the next few months. To further confuse matters for us, all Kyocera panels will go up in performance by 5 watts once present stock runs out- e.g. 80W will become 85W; 120 to 125V, etc. Physical size will stay the same.

The Need For Well Designed Solar Lighting Kits

There are some 2 billion people without access to grid electricity. A World Bank study some years ago concluded that it would never be cost effective to extend the grid to most of these areas. This is due to rugged terrain, lack of finance for infrastructure, and dispersed local villages with low power demand. For example the cost of grid extension in most areas of PNG is in the region of US $15,000 / m.
(Chris Cheatham PEDP).

Read the full article on solar lighting kits.

Cheers from Dave and all the RPC crew.

Dave Lambert (Director)

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We install solar systems in Northern NSW and Southern QLD.

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