24 Volt / 12 Volt Pumps - DC Pumps

24 volt / 12 volt pumps are commonly used in recreational vehicles like caravans, motor homes or boats, but also in off-grid cabins and even small homes. DC pressure pumps have several advantages over 230V household pumps:

  • More energy efficient (a lot!)
  • Smaller in size
  • DC powered

Power Efficient Pumping

DC pumps run directly off your 24 volt / 12 volt battery bank and do not require an inverter. This alone eliminates "inverter losses" that occur when battery power is converted to grid-like AC power.

The 24V/12V DC pumps we stock use between 40-200 Watts – which is only a fraction of even the most efficient 230V household pressure pump.

Water Supply

Our DC pressure pumps are small in size to fit inside any vehicle or boat and come with an inbuilt pressure switch. Their suction lift / pump head capabilities are more than enough for a shower in a single storey structure; and even the smallest DC pump we carry delivers over 10 litres per minute.

If you need to run multiple taps simultaneously (= high pressure), have multiple storeys (= high head), or if you need to continuously pump for more than 15 minutes we recommend a 230V household pressure pump.

Pump Accessories

We recommend DC pressure pump installations to include an accumulator tank to reduce noise and water pulsation characteristics (also known as pipe or water hammering). In addition, we recommend use of an in-line filter which is included with our DC pumps.

We also have a few other DC pumps (12 volt / 24 volt), e.g. bilge pumps, circulating pumps or in-line pumps.