Energy Analysis

Rainbow Power Company's Energy Analysis is a long term service where your electricity usage is monitored and assessed. After the analysis we will be able to design an appropriate solar system to suit your needs for your home or business.

In some situations a power bill is not enough to correctly determine a solar solution for your circumstances, particularly if you are on a multi-phase connection (like many businesses and rural properties).

Other companies may convince you to get the biggest solar system you can afford but to maximise return on investment it is crucial to find out when electricity is used and how that usage is spread over the phases.

An optimised solar system is much more likely to provide immediate and ongoing savings and is often more cost effective than anticipated.

Professional Energy Assessment

This device* will be installed in your meter box

Most other Energy Assessments involve an "Auditor" visiting your home to count incandescent light globes and appliances on stand-by. You eventually get a report suggesting installing energy efficient lighting and switching things off at the power point.

Our service involves a licensed electrician visiting your home to install a sophisticated energy monitor* that periodically transmits data to our servers. After a while (usually two weeks) we will be able to identify WHEN energy is consumed. We will also know which phase is used the most.

FLUKSO electricity meter

This device* will be installed in your meter box


An energy analysis starts from $249. If you elect to purchase a solar and/or battery system from us, the cost of the analysis will be deducted from the total system cost (which means it's FREE).

Another possible scenario is that we determine that your energy usage cannot be offset by a solar system. In this case you still pay for the assessment but on the other hand you save thousands on a solar system that would not have served your needs.

* Requires a permanent internet connection