Hydro Pelton Wheels

What is a Pelton Wheel?

Our Pelton wheel (or Pelton runner) is a cast epoxy impeller designed to provide efficient performance on micro-hydro Pelton wheel water turbines.

The wheel is suitable for nozzles up to 13mm diameter with nozzle aligned such that jet strikes runner in centre of bucket as shown.



The wheel is made to fit a 15 mm shaft. Correct attachment to the generator shaft is important. Thick stainless steel or galvanised washers of at least 25 mm outside diameter should be used on both sides of the wheel to distribute pressure evenly over the casting. A spring washer is essential. The nut should be tightened to 6.5 N/m torque (firm with a 160 mm spanner).


Correct alignment of the water jet is important with this design of impeller, both to achieve maximum efficiency and to prevent possible damage to the blade edge of the runner buckets. The nozzle must be adjusted so that the jet strikes the wheel tangentially 57 mm from the centre of the wheel. Check also that the jet impinges on the centre line of the runner buckets. A clearance of at least 65mm is recommended between runner and turbine case.


  • Impeller Material: Cast Epoxy Resin Composite
  • Diameter: 133 mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 16 mm
  • Key way Width: 4.76 mm ( 3/16th inch)
  • Hub Depth: 22 mm
  • Nozzle Alignment: 57 mm tangentially to centre of shaft


The pelton wheel can be bought from Flowtrack.