Independent Power for Fire Brigades

Rainbow Power Company products used by Rural Fire Brigades

We carry a number of products that have been successfully used by many fire fighting groups around Australia.

From solar panels, wind generators and petrol powered battery chargers through to rechargeable torches, Rainbow can supply your needs.

Solar panels are particularly useful in remote locations to keep batteries charged when mains power is unavailable.

We have supplied many Brigades with solar panels to assist with the upkeep of batteries. Many Brigades utilise remote transmitters and repeaters to notify their Fire Control Centre of fires that start in remote locations, such as State Forests and National Parks. Such early warning is invaluable in the control and suppression of fires that start in places such as this. Some Brigades have also added wind generators to these systems for added reliability. They have realised that the worst fires tend to happen in fairly windy conditions. Along with the fact that fires produce vast quantities of smoke, which can obscure the solar array when it's needed the most. In this situation a backup wind generator is invaluable in ensuring the continuity of communications.

We used to manufacture the sturdy 'Rainbow Rechargeable Torch' which was used by many fire fighters for years. The battery could not be overcharged which made it a reliable tool. It delivered four hours of full brightness before the beam started to fade. If you look closely, you may still find one around!

Rainbow Power Company hopes to continue its association with the Rural Fire Service for many years to come. Indeed five of its workers are active members of various Brigades in and around the Lismore District.