LED Lights

In the early part of the 21st century there has been a revolution in lighting. Incandescent lights, which produce more heat than light are rapidly disappearing as a form of lighting. Fluorescent lights were considered the more efficient choice, but that has now been superseded by a more efficient option still, LED lights. LEDs are inherently extra low voltage devices such that a 230 volt LED light has incorporated into it a circuit to reduce the voltage. 12 volt LED lights are readily available including LED replacements for Dichroic Halogen lamps.

Whilst fluorescent or compact fluoro lights of between 5 and 20 watts were the choice for general room lighting we are now seeing LED lights of between 2 and 6 watts fulfilling the same function. The Sundaya Ulita (12V) and Ulitium (18-24V) lights are a good example of very efficient low voltage light options.

If you are installing and/or maintaining your own stand-alone solar power system it really pays to have the most efficient lights, since you are buying your own energy source and expensive components like solar panels and batteries. Spending a little extra on more efficient lighting can help you save in the overall size of the solar array and battery bank.

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