Programmable Timers

We sell a 12 & 24 volt timer which has 28 available program slots and up to 15 variable weekly cycles.

What can one do with it?

Fridge & Freezer control: Kim Laurie uses one to turn his deep freeze on/off so as to regulate the temperature to use as a fridge. While this works for him, I have seen some failures doing this. The other main use would be to turn your fridge on mostly during the day. This can save you some power on a solar system, as you tend to minimise battery losses. However unless you have a eutectic fridge, the fridge will warm up a bit at night, particularly in hot climates.

Turning Lights on/off: A common use of a timer is to turn a yard light on/off for a few hours. Some people use them to turn a few lights on in the house while they are on holidays to discourage thieves. The DC timer can also be used to ensure that lights say in a public toilet block can only be turned on at night.

Pumps: Some pumps like a domestic pump Flojet range are not designed for continuous duty. In other situations, the water yield may be very low so a continuous pump could run out of water. Some hydroponic situations require water to be turned on at specific times. For all these situations a DC Timer can be ideal to control your pump.

Greenhouses, Shadehouses, Hydroponic gardens, orchids, etc: Your DC timer (12 or 24 volts) can turn on lights, fans, and pumps as required.

Bug Zappers, Mozzie and cane toad killers: A 12 volt timer can turn on the vermin controllers in your orchard, etc.

Can you think of another use? Let us know!