Small Wind Generators

Performance & Testing

Generally speaking most small wind generators (1-1.5 m rotor diameter) are either designed for yachts or windy countries such as the United Kingdom.

Typically they require a wind speed of about 5m/sec to produce even 10-20W and somewhere around 10-12m/sec to produce their rated power. Wind of 10m/sec is often described as a gale; 12m/sec is a strong gale that can start causing structural damage, tiles lifting off roofs, etc.

For most areas of Australia we don’t feel these small wind generators are a cost effective form of rural power generation. Please contact our office for more advice specific to your area.

We would also caution you that the performance curves may not be continuously rated – eg you may get less power than what you are led to believe. The following reports have been written about one wind generator that is on the market: