Solar Irrigation Pumps

With ever spreading drought conditions coupled with rising fuel costs, solar pumping solutions are an increasingly attractive option for rural properties.

Prices for solar panels have fallen dramatically but PV modules still come with a 25-year warranty, and maybe more importantly, with a 30 to 50 year design life. How much would it cost you to buy 25 years of fuel supply for your pump?

There is a large range of solar pumping systems starting at about a $1700 cost for a small one. Cost will be directly proportional to the litres per day required and to the pumping head. So try and use water efficiently with low head storage tanks.

In the smaller range of solar pumps, diaphragm pumps are economical and very efficient. However, the diaphragm does need replacing every one to two years. Try our Aquatec design tool for a quick quote on a solar powered submersible bore pump system.

The larger range use helical rotor or multi stage centrifugal pump ends. These are very robust and can pump up to 230 metres. At low heads of around ten metres, they can deliver 70,000 litres per day. There are no diaphragms, brushes pistons or delicate plugs to replace.

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