Solar Panels for Mobile Homes

We carry a range of solar panels that are suitable to mount on your mobile home, caravan, camper or bus.

1) Symmetry panels: mono-crystalline solar panel with a sturdy frame and a 25 year performance warranty. Available in various sizes.

2) Victron panels: poly-crystalline panel with an even more solid frame. Built to survive any cross country adventure.

Photo_RV Man on top touching panels

Please note: all poly and mono-crystalline panels suffer a substantial loss of power if a portion of the panel is shaded.

This partial shading 'problem' is not the same as cloudy weather or filtered light (in which case there is not much difference in performance between the two types).

The other decision to make is whether or not to permanently mount the solar panel on the roof. The advantage is that it is 'out of the way', very resistant to theft and can charge your battery while you are on the road.

The big disadvantage is that it means you need to park your vehicle in full sun (which you might prefer not to do when touring the Outback in mid summer).

The second option which can suit if you only have one or two solar panels is to have them on a 10 - 20 metre lead. You can then park under a shady tree and mount your panels in the sun. This means that you need to have somewhere to stash your solar panel while you are on the road. Perhaps the big disadvantage is that the solar panel can be prone to theft if you want to leave your vehicle unattended. This may or may not be an issue depending on your lifestyle and the type of place where you camp.