Grid Tie Solar System Components

High Quality Components

We only use components that are tested to be of high quality. Cheap components do not pay in the long run.

Trina Solar Panels - best value

Independently tested on-site in the Australian desert, Trina Solar panels produced the second best average output versus leading Japanese, European and American brands, revealing the superior quality and performance delivered by a vertically integrated manufacturing process. See test results.

Clenergy ezRack Solar Frames - Built to Last

High quality, versatile solar PV mounting products for commercial and residential solar installations from Clenergy. Backed by a 10 year warranty and of course fully compliant with the AU/NZ standards. Suitable for a wide variety of building types and climatic zones.

SMA Inverter - German Efficiency

We use German SMA inverters for our grid connect systems. SMA is the worldwide market leader for solar inverters. The maximum efficiency of SMA inverters exceeds 98%. Available for single and multi-phase grid connections.
SMA inverters can be upgraded to include batteries at a later point.