Home Pressure Pumps - Household Water Pumps

Household pressure pumps are required when you have a rain water tank or a gravity fed system that does not supply sufficient pressure. Household pressure pumps detect when a tap is opened (via an automatic pressure switch) and start pumping.

DC pressure pumps are usually limited to supplying 1 or 2 taps and may be too small to supply an average Australian household with enough water / pressure. The majority of DC pumps also use diaphragms which need regular replacement – a task easily forgotten (until it is too late). Hence we recommend 230V household pumps, even for stand alone solar systems.

Grundfos CM Booster Home Pressure Pumps

The CM Booster is a horizontal multistage centrifugal pump designed for domestic and light industrial applications. It is one of the quietest and most reliable pressure pump on the market. All wetted parts are 304 stainless steel and the pump is certified to comply with Australian and New Zealand standard for products in contact with drinking water. The CM Booster can be run with grid power or off a generator.

Digital Pressure Management

The CM Booster features a compact Pressure Manager (PM). The PM software is especially designed for domestic water supply pumps. The standard software (PM1) offers great protective functions including dry-running protection and cycling alarm.

Furthermore, the PM is supplied with an integrated flow switch to optimise water flow and guarantee maximum protection for the pump. In addition, the flow switch serves as a non-return value, resulting in a considerable reduction in pressure loss compared to traditional non-return value and flow switch solutions.

Self Priming Home Pressure Pump

Many Australian homes on tank water have their water tanks below tap outlets or floor level. Unless power is available near such tanks, a pump with suction lift is required. The CM Booster SP 1-36  has a suction lift of up to 8 metres (4m self priming !). Installation cannot be any easier.

With a rated power consumption of 400W the CMB 1-36 is extremely energy efficient for a 230V pressure pump.

Multi Storey Home Pressure Pump

If you need greater pressure (higher lift) we recommend the Grundfos CM Booster 3-47 . The 3-47 pumps up to 3600 litres/hour (view performance graph) and is powerful enough to get up the fourth floor of a building. If you need more water in a single storey home, then this is also the pump you want.

The average energy consumption of this pump is still very low at 500 watt hours. It does require about 1000W to start the motor though (peak power).

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