Investing in Rainbow Power Company

Rainbow Power Company Pty Limited was originally incorporated on 18th June 1987 and was converted to a public company soon after.

Shares are 'unlisted', meaning they are not registered on a recognised exchange such as the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). However, you can use the RPC website to register your intentions to sell or buy RPC shares.

Transferring Shares

Generally, the Board of Directors (BoD) does not get involved in the transaction, however, all RPC share transfers are subject to Article 19 of the Memorandum & Articles of Association.

The Seller may want to download and forward the following documents to the Buyer:

  • latest Financial Statement
  • RPC Memorandum & Articles

Seller and Buyer need to fill in the relevant sections (see sample form) of the transfer form:

The completed form must be returned to RPC (by mail or email).

The Seller must also return the laminated share certificate back to RPC.

The Buyer will be sent his/her laminated share certificate within 21 days of the transfer. The Seller will also get a new certificate for any unsold shares from the old certificate.