Motor Home Solar Accessories

Our product range does not stop at solar panels and batteries - we carry a large range of products to suit the motor home or caravan including energy efficient lights and (low voltage) appliances.


Did you know that we carry an extensive range of DC lighting, including automotive lamp holders and light bulbs (using identical or similar light bulbs to those used for car indicator lights and parking lights), LEDs in various shapes and sizes, halogen and dichroic lights (often used as down lights in standard households) as well as a range of standard fluorescent and compact fluorescent lights designed to be powered by either 12 or 24 volts. We also sell complete lighting kits.

Fridges & Freezers

Refrigerators and freezers are the biggest electrical load in Australian households, and even more so in motor homes or caravans. Some upright fridges have variable door mount and exchangeable door panel to suit the interior of your boat or camper. Equipped with high-tech SECOP (formerly known as Danfoss) compressors, the evaKool™ range offers outstanding performance at minimum power consumption, making them suitable for solar operation.

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Programmable Timer

Sketch: programmable DC time

Power consumption can be further reduced with the use of a DC programmable digital timer or a DC motion detector. If you run a fridge from solar power, the system will be more efficient if the fridge only operates during hours of sunshine rather than operating entirely from battery storage during the night. Having the DC fridge plugged into a programmable DC timer set to turn on only during the day will hence reduce the demand on the battery bank and use less power overall.

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