Pre-Wired Stand Alone Solar Systems

Rainbow Power Switch Boards

    If you live outside of our installation area, we can pre-wire a substantial portion of your stand alone solar system for you. Assembly work includes:

    • pre-wiring the DC fusing for the panels, batteries, battery charger and inverter;
    • connecting, programming & testing the regulator;
    • providing cables & connectors for the solar panels;
    • crimping and/or soldering lugs to relevant cables including those to the battery;


    The Rainbow Power Switch Board is designed to allow remote installers to easily connect solar panels and batteries to the pre-wired board containing regulator, inverter and battery charger with appropriate fusing.

    An installation guide is included with the switch board providing a basic overview of the installation process and should be used in conjunction with other individual product manuals provided.

    Wall Mountable

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    By Solar Experts

    Leave the headaches to us

    Neat and Tidy

    Instructions included

    Pre-Wired Systems

    Tested and labelled


    An additional 'System Operation Manual' will be provided to explain the general operation of your system as well as a custom 'Wiring Diagram' outlining the overall electrical connections.

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